Just Talkin’


JT did a little driving around last week looking for what he calls “Ice Art.”
That’s what is created from outdoor water features or leaving pipes dripping or them bursting and the water freezing. He spotted a couple…none from pipes cracking or bursting.
They were prettier than a row of long hanging ice cycles.
From what he has heard, we survived the cold snap pretty well.
According to the weather forecasters… if we can make it through January, we should be ok. That just means add a few more weeks to their predictions.
It’s official….as of this Monday you can file for those tax refunds.
That’s the good news. The bad news…and JT stole this line..you may be in for some heartburn.
The IRS is saying they are understaffed, underfunded, has an “unacceptable” backlog and their customer service…if you are the 1 in 11 that can get through on their help line… is not always accurate. Now they are saying the pandemic is creating more hardships.
Despite all these issues… the IRS is saying if you file electronically most should receive their refund in about three weeks.
Good luck taxpayers.
News on Tuesday that Sean Payton was stepping away from the Saints after 16 years just puts more fuel on the rumor he’s headed to Dallas.
Payton said he didn’t like the word “retirement” and he wasn’t closing the door on a return to coaching in the future. He said his heart just wasn’t in it right now.
It’ll be interesting to see how long Payton can be away from professional football. His heart may not be in it now… but JT bets when Jerry Jones starts talking with his checkbook Coach Payton’s “heart condition” will drastically improve.
Gov. John Bel Edwards released his budget plans earlier this week …and in a few days legislators will try and rip it to shreds.
It includes..in no particular order…pay raises for teachers, restoring funds taken away by higher education cuts and improving the infrastructure.
The big money of course, according to reports…goes to South Louisiana with $500 million for a new Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge, $500 million for an I-49 Lafayette connector and $100 million for an I-10 Calcasieu River Bridge in Lake Charles.
Then there’s $60 million per year for five years for rural bridges, the majority of which are in North Louisiana.
Remember though, that’s the starting point…..legislators will have their own ideas and it’s anybody’s guess what will actually happen. One thing you can be sure of is that there will be a lot of “pet projects” and Non-Governmental organizations that will somehow end up with funding.