Technology increasingly vital to daily life


Adam Stampley | Times Intern
Technology has become such a part of the fabric of daily life that it’s easy for anyone to take their favorite gadgets and gizmos for granted. It’s only when power outages strike or batteries run out of power that people stop and realize just how vital a role technology has played in their daily lives.
During snowstorms or power outages, many people took to their cars to charge crucial items like cell phones and portable batteries. Having a portable phone charger charged and ready to use ahead of an incoming storm is a safe way to keep your source of communication intact without having to risk the danger of leaving home and spending hours in a car trying to charge it.
Another safe solution for power outages is an auto shut-off wall outlet, this simple technology can save belongings from being fried or ruined during a power surge and can even prevent electrical fires. They are inexpensive and, in the long run, can end up saving thousands of dollars in damages.

This article published in the Jan. 29, 2022 print edition

As communication and technology grows so does the need for cell phone service and WiFi. A WiFi extender boosts connections between a router and areas where the signal begins to weaken.
These are just some ways technology has evolved over the years to make our lives more safe and easy. In our daily lives, technology is a key part of how we get ready in the mornings, travel to school or jobs, complete tasks at work and make food for our families. In today’s times, it’s crucial that technology is understood and used correctly. There are easy solutions to everyday problems, even ones that occur with other technology. For example, a USB port hub is a small adapter for computers to have more USB plug-ins, thus more things are able to get done. New TVs come with streaming services already programmed onto it so there’s no need for devices like an Amazon Firestick. With streaming services growing and becoming more necessary for current and popular entertainment, as well as being the only place to find older TV shows and movies, these new TVs are the easiest ways to view this content.
One of the most helpful and useful creations of technology is the Alexa Home and other devices like it. Users can connect all household appliances as well as car, phone and security cameras to have all in one control in the palm of your hand. With Alexa, there are more and more features added fairly frequently and they are always evolving to help make life easier. Many parents will use it to help take care of newborn babies as it can control the house temperature, lights, and even play music throughout the house if speakers are in place. All in all the Alexa device and other technology like it are not only practical in modern times with growing technology but it also is a simple solution to many household problems.
With how common technology is in our daily lives it’s easy to overlook what an important role it actually plays in how we get things done. With these simple technology solutions being more productive and getting more things done is easier and safer than ever.