Just Talkin’ for Jan. 29, 2022


JT couldn’t help but read the story someone forwarded him with the headline stating “Louisiana’s Nastiest Political Fight about to begin.”
They were not talking about the upcoming gubernatorial race in two years or any legislative or judicial races. They were talking about reapportionment…and the greed, political maneuvering and power grabbing that goes into the process.
Starting Tuesday, Feb. 1, the Legislature convenes to tackle just one issue—-reapportionment of Louisiana’s political districts. They have 20 days to do it.
The House does the House and it’s 105 members. The Senate does the Senate and it’s 39 senators. Both get together and do (the United States) Congress, BESE board and the Public Service Commission.
Remember now, while this is going on, every parish in the state and school board is doing the same thing in their local communities. Many have already hired “demographers” to propose districts.
Another interesting twist is that it’s being done using census numbers that nearly everyone is the state believes is less than it should be.
Here’s what JT thinks….our legislature doesn’t agree on much so something this monumental isn’t going to change that. Look for Gov. John Bel Edwards to veto the plan if it doesn’t yield what he wants and then for one or even more groups to challenge what lawmakers do by filing suit.
One thing you can count on….this will not be over in the 20 days allotted for the session.
It’s nice our city council has a kind heart, but it’s time they once and for all (again) pull the plug on the Summertree Apartments project. The project has been on the table for what seems like forever and the developers asked for the second time in 30 days for another two weeks.
You might remember the old mayor and council killed the project because of inactivity at the site but the new mayor and council brought it back to life….if that’s what you want to call it.
JT was surprised to hear the Events Center did not have a budget to promote events. That really makes no sense. They did before when the city managed the facility.
For some reason, the management of the Events Center got tied into the St. Denis Hotel.
It might be wise for a financial analysis or someone to explain what’s going on.
Where does the rent money go for use of the facility? Who is responsible for the upkeep? Are there employees at the Event Center? If so, who pays them?
The public deserves to know what’s happening at this city owned property.