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Join us in welcoming reporter Nathan Wilson to the Times. You’ve already seen his byline on stories in the Thursday edition and it is all over stories on this page.
Wilson is hitting the ground running covering every aspect of news coverage.

This article published in the Feb. 5, 2022, print edition

It’s not often in politics that you get both sides mad at you, but that’s what Gov. John Bel Edwards has managed to do with his silence over what he knew about the senseless death of Ronald Green in 2019 by members of the Louisiana State Police in the Monroe area.
The governor knew about it right after it happened via a text message. Everyone now knows the state police tried to cover up their actions and it’s taken over a year for the real details surrounding Green’s merciless beating to come to light. It wasn’t a car wreck as initially claimed.
JT doesn’t think for a second the governor was involved in any cover up.
He does think he’s guilty of remaining silent and for not acting swiftly for an independent investigation into his state police.
The governor has every right to insert himself into any department of state government that’s not operating the way he thinks it should. It’s been done since Huey P. Long was governor…and even when he was a senator. Every single state appointment serves at his pleasure.
Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser, just this week when talking about the trashy conditions along our roadways, said Louisiana is a dirty state.
He was on target…in more ways than we might want to admit.
Something is definitely going on in Natchez.
In a time where it’s common for people not to run for public office, the opposite seems to be true in Natchez.
Three people want to be Mayor and six want the three seats for Village Aldermen. That’s with all of the current seat holders seeking re-election.
Those races are on the March 26 ballot.
JT looks for a lot of noise to come out of those races.
JT is looking forward to the Mr. Crappie tournament coming up in April that’s sponsored by the Red River Waterway Commission and the Natchitoches Convention and Visitors Bureau.
These tournaments take crappie fishing (white perch) to a whole new level.
It’ not like the old days of jigging in a johnboat. These guys have big boats with high power motors and electronics that not only tell you where the fish are, but how big they are and where to drop your line so it lands in front of them. We’re talking some expensive electronics.
And they are not sitting there with a single pole in their hand. There could be as many as a dozen lines in the water. But JT understands tournament fishing limits it to just eight per boat.
Add all of those together with experience and you’ve got quite a competitive event.