Campti mentorship program inspires excellence


The Community Outreach Mentoring Program (COMP), a project of the Campti Community Development Center, congratulates two of its mentorship participants, Peyton Helaire and Chloe Bonier.
Peyton Helaire, a mentor/mentee participant, was selected as Student of the Year at Natchitoches Magnet Elementary School. She is passionate about reading and mentors other students by encouraging them to take turns reading in groups. She is also excellent at storytelling and summarizing novels.

This article published in the Feb. 10, 2022, print edition

Peyton has earned honors within the Natchitoches Parish School District and maintains honor roll status. She looks forward to an opportunity to attend the Junior National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, DC, this summer.
Peyton Helaire

Chloe Bonier’s father described her as having trouble when she enrolled in COMP after the loss of her grandmother who was heavily involved in her education. She became uninterested in learning and created a shell around herself to hide under. Her participation in COMP not only revealed that she had a love of reading, it also helped her better connect with her father through his prior work in the film industry. Her interest in film has developed into a new passion for creating videos and taking photos with her friends and guidance from their mentor.