Just Talkin’


From all indications the reapportionment maps are taking shape…and it doesn’t look good for Natchitoches and surrounding parishes.
It’s pretty clear the House district of Kenny Cox is being eliminated and the voters scattered in bits and pieces. Natchitoches will no longer be a population hub and our voters won’t be that important.
In it’s “wisdom” legislators have decide that where the population was lost is not as important as who is term limited.

This article published in the Feb. 10, 2022, print edition

JT has got to reduce the amount of reading he does… cause it just keeps getting him into trouble. Take for instance the article he read where it was noted that insufficient sleep has been linked to a wide variety of health issues.
One particular part of the article stated that getting less than seven hours of sleep increases the risk of weight gain and less than six hours leads to unclear thinking.
Now he can’t help secretly judging people on those two issues.
He hasn’t slipped the “if you’ve been sleeping well” question into a conversation yet…but he knows it’s coming because he’s seen an abundance lately of “unclear thinking and healthy” individuals.
Maybe he’ll be rescued by one of those good ole southern phrases…Bless his heart.
JT hears everyone in town must have had soup or chili on their menu this cold weekend.
He was told if you waited till Friday to get saltine crackers or Fritos you were too late. One person went four places to no avail.
He ended up buying a huge package of mixed chips for the few small packages of Fritos inside to not mess up his wife’s taco soup.
JT is mentioning this because Super Bowl weekend is here and you might want to get those snacks, drinks and the ingredients for those special dishes sooner than later.
Every now and then JT is reminded how blind people become to their own surroundings. Take for example the brass at the Louisiana State Police. They recently fired an officer for speaking out over the death of Ronald Green.
They rationalized he broke several policies and disseminated “confidential information.” They also accused the