Just Talkin’


News of Alliance Compressor expanding is welcome news to our community.
They’ve been an economic engine for this area just over 25 years.
The plans are for a $45 million investment over two years and creating roughly 174 new jobs. In addition there will be nearly 100 indirect jobs and 55 construction jobs.
Thank you Alliance for your commitment to the Natchitoches area.

This article published in the Feb. 12, 2022 print edition

Quick reminder to all….Valentine’s Day is Monday.
It’s probably too late for reservations, but if you hurry you’ll be able to find a good card and some sweets.
Oh…and if you have a scorned valentine in Minden you might want to stay away. It seems the Minden Police Department is willing to help them deliver some sweet revenge. They are asking if that ex or current companion has an outstanding warrant of any kind…just give them their address and they’ll provide a Valentine’s Day special package including limited-edition platinum bracelets, free transportation with a chauffeur, a one-night minimum stay in a luxurious 5 star accommodated room, either by themselves or with a room-mate, and glamour shots that will be posted online for all to see!
You’re probably tired of all this talk about reapportionment…but in the House re-districting plan we sure got the short end of the stick. Just see the story to your right.
The argument about now that Kenny Cox’s district has been eliminated because he’s term limited we’ll have more people in Baton Rouge looking out for our interest in Natchitoches is pure poppycock. First and foremost Legislators take care of themselves first, (just look at the reapportionment plan), and then they take care of the place they live.
Another loser is Kenny’s brother Johnny, the Mayor of Coushatta. He was looking at running for his brother’s seat.
Then there’s Red River Parish who came out on the short end. Those 7,620 parish residents are all going to be in a district with Bossier and Caddo parishes. JT can’t think of anything they have in common with those city folks.
One more thing JT noticed in all the reapportionment data.
You know it’s basically the state population divided by the number of districts in the House or the Senate to come up with the number for each representative district?
What caught JT’s attention is that only a little over half of the people in each district around us are actually registered voters. Forty-four percent of the residents in the Districts of Gabe Ferment and Lance Harris are not registered to vote. Over in Jack McFarland’s district it’s a lower number at 36 percent not registered.
JT hasn’t seen the actual age breakdown of the population but he seriously doubts the rural parishes have almost 20,000 residents under the age of 18.
People not voting has been one of JT’s pet peeves for a long time. Nothing has seemed to work to get them to the polls. An easier registration process, extended times at the polls, getting information on-line and extending the voting period….none of that has worked.
The number of people not registered to vote is just sad.