Letter to the Editor: Megason

This photo of the road in question was taken about halfway down it where reclaim and rocks were placed. About a 1/4 mile was standing in about 2 feet of water when this photo was taken Jan. 30.

Dear Editor:
Some of us Tax Payers of Natchitoches Parish have for three months been asking THREE QUESTIONS about Parish Road 449 being reopened on the Allen End. Two of the parish main employees have told us we are beating a Dead Horse. They are not answering our questions anymore. Wow! That sounds a lot like taking the Fifth Amendment. In three months, all we really have heard is the horse fighting for breath.
We want to know:
1. Who ask for the road to be reopened after being abandoned for around 20 years?
2. Who authorized it to be reopened?
3. What’s the real amount of money and number of days it took to do it?
Public Officials owe us answers other than, I don’t know or I don’t take down names of people who request the work to be done. Our Parish President has said, nothing illegal is going on. If so, why do we still not have answers to these three questions. We pay them to know what they are doing.
I have learned a lot at the last three parish meeting such as Marty said to the Council, if you didn’t want the road rebuilt, you should have taken it out of the road system. I took that to mean, don’t blame me, it was the other four member’s fault.
I have nicknamed 8.2 miles of Parish Road 449 on the Allen End, “THE DEAD HORSE ROAD”. We intend to find out why he died, and to prevent other horses from dying. Marty said at the last meeting, if a road is still in the system, it must be opened for EMS vehicles to travel. I traveled down DEAD HORSE ROAD on my tractor and took over 50 pictures of this road. I know why the horse died. It DROWNED! They allegedly said it took $22,808.56 to fix this road for EMS workers. Still looks broken to me. Looks like EMS needs to include some boat paddles. If you know what I mean.

This letter published in the Feb. 17, 2022, print edition. Send your letters to the editor to jgray@natchitochestimes.com

I have learned that starting Road 449 at Allen and going to Marthaville, there is 13.2 miles and 9.7 miles of the road going from Allen to Weeks Road has no houses or highlines on it. The DEAD HORSE ROAD is 8.2 miles and is the road in question.
Marty has said, if it has a 911 address on it, it must be fixed good enough that EMS vehicles can travel down it without any problems. The last 3.5 miles of the road on the Marthaville End has many 911 addresses, so I guess he was allegedly telling the truth. Ha Ha.
An allegedly $22,808.56 is not a misdemeanor amount said to be used on this Horse Drowning Road. Half truths and passing the buck answers usually mean there is a cover-up. An Employer would fire and prosecute any employee that misused this amount of money or at the least make them pay it back. Maybe you know the answers to these three questions and more. Write me a letter and tell me what you know. Your name would also be good, but if you can’t give your name send the letter anyway.
Remember, dead horses have names and so do people who die when EMS vehicles can’t reach them because wasted funds could have been used on your road. Is a deer hunting road more important than your loved ones? I already know your answer. God knows, who and what. Will you write a letter for Him? Please share this letter with a friend that has not seen it.

Mark Megason