Just Talkin’ for Feb. 17, 2022


JT came to the realization earlier this week that Christmas was actually over.
That’s when he saw city utility workers removing the last of the displays along the downtown riverbank.
It got him to thinking that maybe we should leave a couple of them up year round since nobody does Christmas like Natchitoches. After all, when you think of Natchitoches you think of Christmas. If nothing else…we could keep our Church Street Bridge lit year round.
JT’s not sure on how much faith in all the talk about broadband Internet expansion throughout the parish and the state. He understands there’s lots of money committed to the project but mostly what’s being done is paperwork.
Someone who seems to be in the know told JT we are likely to see the new Church Street Bridge built before we get the parish-wide expansion of broadband. And that’s still at least two years a way.
It’s official…JT is really old. The halftime show didn’t excite him at all and he couldn’t even understand the words to the songs they were singing.
Like former LSU Tiger and Rams lineman Andrew Whitworth’s daughter, who cameras caught reading during the game, he actually read a book during halftime.
He’ll have to take your word it was a great…or as Rodney Harrington will say “epic.”
The game itself was one of the better Super Bowls we’ve had in a long time and our Louisiana boys did us proud.
You know that JT looks at all kinds of surveys on all kinds of subjects.
He read one earlier this week that listed “The least educated parishes in Louisiana.”
It was kind of backwards because the most educated parish was 50th while the least educated was No. 1.
Which was also confusing because we have 64 parishes in the state with 70 school districts. JT didn’t see Lincoln, Caddo or Bossier parishes in the rankings so it raises questions to the validity. Anyway…the surveyors used census data and ranked by the lowest percentage of population 25 years and over that has a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
Natchitoches Parish was listed at the 5th most educated (which equates to the 46th least educated). We have 19 percent of our population over 25 years of age with a Bachelor’s degree or higher, 35 percent are high school graduates and 34 percent had some college or associate degree.
The most educated in the state was Rapides Parish while the least educated was Grant Parish.
What really would have been nice to see is how Louisiana compares with our southern neighbors or nationally. Come to think of it…..maybe JT really doesn’t want to know after all.
JT got quite the chuckle at Editor Juanice Gray’s expense.
Seems she put a security detail on edge after her purse was scanned by the new x-ray machine at the courthouse entrance.
The deputy asked her to identify what appeared to be a pistol in her handbag. Juanice said the officer’s demeanor went instantly from friendly to alert, and rightly so.
She was politely but firmly asked to open her bag so the deputy could see inside…all while a man in line behind her rapidly eased back toward the front doors!
Turns out the country girl newspaper editor has a wallet embellished with pistols that showed up on the x-ray!
The deputy and others immediately relaxed since there was no threat, but Juanice was advised to get a new wallet before going through airport security if that is on her calendar in the future. It’s not, but she said she’d definitely have a new one that isn’t “weaponized” before doing any travelling or returning to the courthouse!
She advises others with similar western embellishments to do the same since no one wants to put the courthouse on lockdown!
As a side note, the deputy and x-ray machine both did their jobs….and did them well.