Restricted access building should not be a free for all

Michael Sesvold, left, was sworn in as a 911 Commissioner by Clerk of Court David Stamey at the commission meeting Tuesday. Photo by Juanice Gray

NATCOM Director Kim Tolliver said in her report at the commission meeting Tuesday, Feb. 15 that response to 911 calls, for those answered within 15 seconds, remain an exceptional 98 percent or above. She explained the data changes depending on call volume and whether there is a sizeable incident.
“Influx of calls make a difference in the percentage and the length of calls,” she said.
The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office staff answered 1,607 emergency 911 calls while the Natchitoches Police Dept. staff answered 383 emergency 911 calls in January.

This article published in the Feb. 19, 2022 print edition

The emergency sirens were activated 27 times in 2021 for weather events according to Tolliver. The sirens undergo daily “quiet” tests to ensure they are in working order.
One thing she assessed in her first six months as director, was access into the NATCOM center. Tolliver said there were 74 access cards issued. “We have 11 NPSO employees, eight NPD employees, the Commissioners and office staff,” she said. “That comes nowhere near 74.”
Staff includes Tolliver, OEP Director Mary Jones, LaMar McGaskey and 911 Address Coordinator Bernice Wallace.
“This is a restricted access building and access doesn’t need to be a free for all,” she said. Tolliver killed the outstanding access cards for security and safety reasons.
Rebecca Jones with Johnson, Thomas and Cunningham said in her financial report that total wireline revenue for January was zero and total wireless revenue was $29.70. Jones said the numbers reflect the fiscal year audit. She said payments have not yet come in from the providers, but the district should see payments pick up in March.
The district paid out $30,498 in January for expenses including tower rental, website, travel/training, electricity, water/sewer, telephone/computer, custodial, waste disposal, lawn care, fire extinguisher maintenance,exterminator and operational support systems. Not all items are paid each month, however they are included in the monthly budget.
Their largest expense for the month was tower rental at a cost of $10,795 followed by telephone/computer administration at $6,496.
Wallace processed six applications for new addresses for residences and one update.

The district purchased 10 new road signs last month. They were for New Roads, Dufrene, Robert LaCaze, Housley, Murphy, Collie Loop (two signs), Johnson Chute (two signs) and Foshee Ranch. The Murphy sign was also replaced in October. The district is tracking the number of signs being replaced multiple times. If it reaches a certain limit, the roads will be renamed using road numbers as done in Texas and other states.
Calvin Braxton, Mary Jones, Eric Keel, Chris Paige, Michael Sesvold and John Wynn were present along with Tolliver, Wallace, Jones and attorney Mark Begnaud. Absent were Chief Nikeo Collins and Sheriff Stuart Wright.