Council, residents working together to find best location for trash bin site


Carolyn Roy | News Editor

The Parish Council was open to the wishes of residents who don’t want a garbage bin site near their property and took action accordingly.
The item on the agenda was to execute a lease with the Northwest La. Game & Fish Commission for use of property off La. Hwy. 1227 at the Allen Dam for a controlled bin station site.
Residents Ben and Shannon Stanfield asked the council to reconsider for several reasons. They said the site is in a 100-year flood zone and prone to flooding; it is near a boat launch that is frequented by campers; the trash would omit odors and attract flies; and the bin would threaten the bayou that encourages family activities.
“You’re moving someone else’s troubles near our property. Surely there is some place else that is not in a flood zone,” Shannon Stanfield said.
The council agreed with the Stanfields and there was no offer of a motion to accept the location for a bin site. Council member Chris Paige asked the Stanfields and other residents to help find another site.
The best news for residents who live on Hart and Harmony Roads is that the council adopted a resolution committing American Rescue Plan funds for rehabilitation of those two roads. Parish Treasurer Julie Lockhart said $5.6 million remains and can be used on roads. There were no details on when the work will begin.
Parish resident Rodney Mallard questioned why those two roads were chosen. “We all have the same problems,” said Mallard who lives on Shady Grove Road. Paige told him those two roads were the worst and residents who live on them consistently complain.
There was a long discussion about an old business item to name Risk Services the agent of record for auto, inland marine, workers’ compensation and coverage other than health insurance. Humana Resource Coordinator Cathy Creamer asked the council to “listen to my concerns” about problems she has had concerning lack of service with the former agent-of-record and the current one, Moreman and Moore, as well. She favored naming Risk Services agent-of-record.
Representatives of Moreman and Moore spoke to the money they saved Parish Government when they discovered incorrect coding on workers’ compensation charges for past and future services. Buddy Maxwell said that Moreman and Moore had saved Parish Government some $70,000 by discovering the incorrect coding. He also said didn’t believe his company had mis-serviced the accounts but that was an issue that could be worked out.
Vladimir Chemorob, co-owner of Risk Services, lobbied for his company offering several options such as charging only service fees in lieu of commissions.

This article published in the Feb. 26, 2022, print edition

Council member Jim Kilcoyne, who was acting as chairman in the absence of John Salter, said that despite the discussion, the council was locked in for this year’s service with Moreman and Moore and he didn’t see the urgency of changing the agent-of-record. He suggested having two council members meet with Creamer. The motion passed maintained Moreman and Moore as the agent-of-record.
The council approved the following appointments and reappointments to boards:
•Reappointment of Steven Newbury to the Fire District 4 board
•Appointment of Mario Fox to Natchitoches Parish Planning Zoning Commission
•Re-appointment of Ricky LaCour to Natchitoches Parish Tourist Commission
•Reappointment of Gary Conlay to Northwest Louisiana Human Services District board
•Reappointment of Joseph Bynog to Fire District 6 board
Under old business, the council tabled the ordinance to put the Quitman Mitchem Road back into the Parish road system. The road is now named the Donald Tynes Road. The action came at the request of Salter and there was no one there to discuss it.
Under new business, the council considered four ordinances. They included:
•No action on transferring Parish interest in old City Bank Building to Town of Campti since there is a question of ownership.
•Adopted amending, correcting and readopting residential development permit fees Ordinance of 8-2014.
•Amending minimum acreage and documentation for subdividing property in Natchitoches Parish and participating municipalities.
•Allowed Parish President to enter into franchise agreement with utility providers serving locations within Parish as allowed by law and dedicating new franchise monies to the highway fund.
Following a public hearing, the council adopted the following ordinances:
•Abandoned Ashley Lane that is no longer in the public works system. It is on upper north Williams Avenue and was never developed as a road.
•Zoning change from IA to Residential-1 of 257 acres to be subdivided into residential lots at request of Brittain Farms LLC. It has no physical address but is near Lambre’s Gin subdivision.
•Took no action on transfer of old Marthaville Hospital Building to the Marthaville Heritage Society since there is no proof that Parish Government owns the building.
•Took no action to remove section of Parish Personnel Manual concerning recording of conversations and will notify Attorney General’s office that opinion is no longer needed.
The council adopted the following resolutions:
•Committed matching funds in connection with the application of Sandy point Water System for project funding through State’s Water Sector Program
•Committed matching funds in connection with application of Creston Water System for project funding through Water Sector Program.
•Committed American Rescue Plan Act funds for rehabilitation of Hart Road and Harmony Road.
•Supported of Parish President submitting application to Local Government Assistance Program for fiscal year 2021-2022
•Authorized Parish President to approve highway department doing work on Parish roads within municipalities/villages of Clarence, Campti, Robeline, Provencal, Powhatan, Goldonna, Natchez and Ashland
Other agenda items included:
•Authorized Parish President to enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with Office of Community Development regarding East Natchitoches Drainage Project and hire Meyer, Meyer, LaCroix and Hixon as engineers.
•Authorized Parish President to enter into 36-month lease with La. Cat for dozer for highway department.