Just Talkin’ for Feb. 24, 2022


Well, the veto clock on the reapportionment maps is ticking….and so is the clock for individuals to file challenges in courts across the state. The maps were approved last Friday.
Legislators made their deadline for completing the reapportionment maps but it wasn’t pretty or unanimous. Despite cries to create more Black districts to reflect the racial makeup of the state… it didn’t happen. They ended up pretty much the way they were 10 years ago.
The Governor has 12 days to veto any one, or all, of them. His deadline to make his wishes known is no later than March 2.
The map that seems to be getting the most attention is the one for Congressional Districts.
In North Louisiana, we kept two of the six Congressional seats despite huge losses in our population. Map makers had to use 17 parishes to come up with the population they needed for District 4 (the seat currently held by Mike Johnson of Shreveport) and needed 26 parishes to comprise District 5 (the seat held by Julia Letlow from Monroe).
Only one other Congressional District needed a dozen parishes to get their population numbers. The other districts were made up of either eight or nine parishes.
So what’s likely to happen? Litigation…no matter what Gov. John Bel Edwards does.
This is the time all basketball fans like the most. It’s the playoffs…Marsh Madness for Louisiana High schoolers and March Madness for NCAA. Congratulations to our local teams: the Lakeview girls (now in the quarterfinals), Lakeview boys, NCHS boys and St. Mary’s boys for advancing into the playoffs.
NSU’s Demons and Lady Demons are finishing their regular season and will be in the Southland Conference Tournaments. They start Wednesday, March 9 in Katy, Texas.
JT ran across an interesting request the other day to which he simply had no answer.
The caller was looking for repair help on an electric typewriter.
JT used an IBM Selectric in the early 70s but they were gone by the end of that decade with the introduction of desktop publishing. He did, however pound on a manual Royal typewriter off and on till about 2000. Laptops were too expensive back then and the old Mac’s were too bulky to carry from the office to home and back. So he’d type it up at home and then retype it on the Mac.
If you know of someone who can provide service, JT will put you in touch with the one in need.