Just Talkin’ for Feb. 26, 2022


Don’t take your mask off just yet.
While state officials are relaxing some COVID rules, the fact remains its still around and grabbing hold of folks.
You simply can’t be too careful when it comes to the various strains of COVID. There are still times when it’s appropriate to mask up and practice social distancing.
It still baffles JT that you can be up to date with the vaccines and still catch it. Or you can choose to not have any of the shots and still not catch it.
He keeps hearing people say to listen to the science but then where’s the science that explains why you don’t get COVID if you don’t get vaccinated?
JT has to give it to those faithful Starbucks fans.
Since they opened on Keyser a little over a week ago, they have had a steady line at their drive-thru.
It may be a few more days before JT can make it there because he’s still memorizing the coffee order his grandchildren told him to get. He actually wrote it down and has been practicing so he doesn’t come off as a dork.
JT happened to catch an episode of jeopardy the other day and one of the categories had a real Louisiana flare.
The category was “Parish” and a number of questions were about our state.
JT knew the answers but none of the three contestants had a clue. He doubts they even knew a parish was their version of a county. Without some knowledge of Louisiana you would have been like a deer in the headlights.
It happens all the time…people not having a clue about Louisiana. JT got a request in the mail the other day wanting a donation for a project in a nearby town.
But when he got to the part of the letter where it said all donations would stay in our county…he tossed it in the trash.
Upon reflection… they probably were right in that your donation was going out of state…to their county.
The invasion of Ukraine by Russia will probably result in a takeover as quickly as Afghanistan fell once we left.
JT sees nothing but trouble on the global horizon.
The use of sanctions as a weapon will end up hurting our citizens, who are already fighting a war on inflation, at the same time.