Times Talk: Hwy 1226 Trash Bins


Submitted by a Times reader: I usually take my garbage to the compactor in Clarence or the dumpsters at Grand Ecore because they are manned and clean sites, but occasionally, if I miss the time, I have to go down 1226 to these dumpsters. In the past, when they would be full, people would, of course, leave stuff on the ground outside the dumpsters, but when the people who picked up came, they would pick up the overflow as well. This is unacceptable.

Parish President John Richmond responded, “The folks who drive the Waste Management trucks are not equipped to pick up the random trash that folks place outside the cans to be scattered by animals. That task is left to another crew that must be deployed to the site.  Obviously this causes a great deal of labor costs in addition to the unsightly mess. All parish residents using the bin sites MUST properly place their garbage in the bins.  If the bins are full, please notify the landfill.”

This article published in the March 3, 2022, print edition