A Fairy Tale After All

Winder in character as Mizrabel on set with writer/director Erik Peter Carlson.

Juanice Gray | Editor
Looking for something to watch this weekend?
How about a movie with local ties?
Louisiana native Bridget Winder, currently residing in NYC, is making her big screen debut.
Who is she? You may not know her, but you may know her grandmother, Vivian Prud’homme Duggan, or mother, Andrea Winder, both of Natchitoches. Winder says several family members are in this area.

Bridget Winder, granddaughter of Vivian Prud’homme Duggan of Natchitoches, makes her big screen debut.

Interested yet? How about this, Winder not only stars in the film, but designed the poster as well.
How’s that for talent?
“A Fairy Tale After All” is a musical and Winder was cast in the role of the villain, Mizrabel. It is playing in select theaters nationwide, the closest to us is Houston, but don’t despair, it is available streaming on all platforms.
“I grew up training in the Shreveport theatre scene before attending college at the University of Alabama, where I continued my training in musical theatre. I also grew upon competing at the International Thespian Festival held at Northwestern.  After graduation from BAMA, I spent several years in Los Angeles before moving to NYC,” Winder said.
She attended Evangel Christian Academy in Shreveport where she was part of theatre department. She also joined The Academy of Children’s Theatre in Shreveport as a high school sophomore.
Winder gets her teeth blackened during a daily two hour hair and make up session.
Photos courtesy of Bridget Winder

Winder says one of the most common questions she is asked is how she landed this role.
She tells the story in her own words, “I moved to Los Angeles in 2013 after graduating from The University of Alabama in Musical Theatre. Before moving, I joined Backstage, which is a casting site. I sent in several submissions. Having no television and film background at the time, I saw one for unpaid background work on a film called ‘The Toy Soldiers’ written and directed by Erik Peter Carlson, so I submitted.
This article published in the March 3, 2022, print edition

I booked the job and brought out my best 80s garb to roller skate the next couple of nights away on film. It was my first job in Los Angeles and I had a blast and learned so much in such a short amount of time. Everyone was so kind and professional, it blew every rumor I had heard about LA. After my last night on set, I saw the director, Erik, standing at the craft table getting a coffee. I swallowed my nerves and approached him thanking him for a wonderful experience. He was so genuine and humble to take a moment in his tight set schedule to thank me back. What a gem of a human. Instagram was just becoming a ‘thing’ so I went and followed him – he followed me back – and we ended up following each others work (I am also a fine artist) for the next couple of years creating a cyber-bond.
Some time passed and in early 2015, Erik reached out to me to do the conceptual art for his new film ‘Wolf Mother.’ I received an early script and created several paintings to be used as a visual guide for the creation of the film. I’ve now been an actor and an artist for Erik.
Original movie poster painting by Bridget Winder

Fast forward to 2018 and I am in a dressing room in Tuscaloosa, Ala., getting ready to go on stage as Sally Bowles in ‘Cabaret’ for Theatre Tuscaloosa. I get an Instagram message from Erik explaining he is in the process of casting his latest film ‘A Fairy Tale After All,’ and he would like to have me audition for the role of the villain, Mizrabel.”
According to ScreenRant.com, “‘A Fairy Tale After All’ follows Sky (Emily Shenaut), a high schooler reeling from the loss of her father. (It) crafts a sentimental and quirky tale about one girl’s means of coping with a great loss. The blend of animation, black and white cinematography, and other techniques express Sky’s emotional journey and offers viewers a boundless adventure.”
Winder says, “The material was sent over for me to do a self-tape audition. It included a few lead-in lines and a huge belting song for the witch, Madame Mizrabel. I learned the lines and song and true to Bridget fashion, re-recorded the audition 10,000 times.
After a few days passed, I received the news that I booked the role! My first feature film and it was a musical; I still can’t believe it.
After filming in the Fall of 2019, I was contacted about doing the poster art for the film and of course jumped right on the opportunity. It was a full circle moment to be doing a film that was a musical that would be displaying my art. Honestly, a dream come true!”
Mizrabel wears a a period costume with intricate armor detailing around the chest and the hips. “I have a massive horned headdress and a staff. I wore a handmade corset. Everything fit like a glove,” said Winder.
A scene from the movie starring Bridet Winder as Mizrabel.

Her makeup consisted of a ghostly gaunt image with veins and took two hours for hair and makeup every day. The black veins seen on Mizrabel’s face, neck, chest, arms and hands were temporary tattoos applied daily with a pale-white color airbrushed over the veins.
“They blacked my teeth to give it a decay effect. And I wore gold-colored contacts. I wore a long, black wig and a massive horned headdress created by hair and makeup designer Ashley Stansbury.
Winder said her scenes were shot in upstate New York at a location called Wing’s Castle. “The room in the castle we used as my lair was a very tight space, so my choreography consisted of strategic blocking where I didn’t smack my horns and staff on something.” 
Winder says her parents have always been her biggest supporters. “They were taken aback when I mentioned moving to LA versus New York, but again they supported me. So I moved forward with their blessing and dove headfirst into Hollywood,” she said.
If the film continues to do well in theaters, it will be picked up in more. Type the movie name in on YouTube to view the trailer.
This movie is not rated.

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