Four permits issued for major construction


The Parish Planning and Zoning Department issued seven permits for manufactured homes during January according to the permit report. There was a total of 31 permits issued with a valuation of $1,968, 238.
There were four permits issued for major new construction. One was for a residential addition at 184 Melrose Bend Boulevard with a valuation of $303,770 issued to Wimberly Custom Homes.
The second was for a residential detached building at 624 Hwy. 3191 for $150,000 issued to Ark-La-Tex Shopbuilders/John Vaughn.
The third was issued to Francis Norsworthy at 1253 Hwy. 504 for $300,000.
The fourth was issued to Joseph S. Partain/Allan C. Gregory, 1495 Hwy. 490, RJ Expressmart in Chopin, commercial remodel and addition, $400,000.

This article published in the March 5, 2022, print edition

Permits for new manufactured homes were issued to:
•Martha Lacaze, 789 Sylvest Road, $54,016
•Jessica Moran, 124 Alex Avenue, $145,000; and 128 Alex Avenue, $145,000
•Jeffery Lee, 173 Post Mill Road, no valuation listed
•Hunter-Taylor Collins, 3766 Rocky Mount Road, $30,000
•Nor-Wes Inc., 2044 Hwy. 1226, $51,034
•Tony Scott, 22 Highline Road, $84,667
Electrical permits with valuations were issued to:
•Merlin Squyres, 836 Fish Hatchery Road, residential electrical, $6,000
•Scallions Heating and Electrical/Justin Aldredge, 2342 Hwy. 6 East, commercial electrical, $1,500
•Darla Webb, 153 Sisson Road, residential plumbing, $10,000
•Pleasure Pools/Phillip Pitts, 124 Vienna Bend Dr., residential swimming pool, $44,100
•Wilkerson Electric, 181 Main St., commercial electrical, $850
•Donald Coleman, 173 Harbor Estates Road, residential electrical, $100,000
•Mike Smith, 7011 Hwy. 84 East, commercial electrical, $120,000
•Nor-West Inc., commercial RV, $7,000
According to the report, the grand total deposit for fees was $15,512. Of that total, $630 was for flood zone fees; $5,500 was for i fees; 46,892 was for permit fees; and $2,490 was for plan review fees.