Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for March 5, 2022


JT almost got a young man arrested for trying to help him out. He could have easily seen a charge on his auto repair bill for “Bond Services.”
JT stopped off at a convenience store one day last week for a snack before heading back to the office. When he returned to his vehicle it wouldn’t start or do anything at all.
So he called an auto repair guy that has helped him out…a lot…in the past. He said when his son got back from lunch he would send him to retrieve the vehicle and see what was wrong.
JT told him the make and model of the car and the store where it was parked…and then hitched a ride back to the office.
Less than an hour later he got a call telling him they couldn’t get into the car because it was locked. That was real trouble because JT had put the car remote in the front seat cup holder. He has a second set of keys but they were back at the house and he would have to catch a ride home, retrieve them and return to the parking lot where the young man was waiting.
So as JT was arranging a ride home to get the keys, the young man sent to retrieve the vehicle called back. He confirmed the car was locked, confirmed the make and model and location.
It was then they discovered there was another car matching the description of JT’s vehicle…down to the same color…in another part of the parking lot. They had been trying to get into the wrong vehicle.
Of course, JT has done the same thing before. In fact, only a week or so before, he left a store and couldn’t understand why the unlock key didn’t work before realizing it wasn’t his vehicle.
If anybody reviews parking lot surveillance cameras…they probably get a lot of good laughs at shoppers doing the same thing.
JT was reading the public notices in our paper the other day and saw where we might be adding video draw poker devices in our parish.
There is a notice of intention to introduce a local bill in the next session of the legislation that would call an election in the parish for these video draw poker devices.
That’s the second notice of interest in the parish. The other is the bill that would create a taxing/assessment district for funding improvement in the Black, Clear and Prairie Lakes area.
There’s also one statewide notice relative to Assessors pay.
It sounds like this might be a pretty active session when it opens on March 14.
You need to get out and really enjoy this weekend. Temperatures are supposed to be in the 80s. It might be a little windy but it’s really our first weekend of the new year we can “play outside” comfortably.
Don’ put it off because the weather to start the week includes a lot of rain.