Teacher recruitment continues

School board members are seated around the new L shaped platform embossed with a wooden NPSB emblem in front of the president’s seat. Dr. Grant Eloi joined the meeting from Dallas via video conference. Photo by Juanice Gray

Carolyn Roy | News Editor
The school board continues its quest to recruit new teachers. The board approved a four-step relocation stipend for new hires.
Teachers in their first and second year of teaching or who do not have CIS data will receive $5,000; teachers with three years of effective CIS data will receive $7,500; teachers with two years of highly effective CIS data will receive $10,000; and teachers with over two years of highly effective CIS data will receive $15,000. CIS monitors student level data and tracks education outcomes for those students served.
To be eligible for the stipends, teachers must hold a full-time certification from Louisiana or another state and must agree to teach with the school board for two years from their effective date of hire.
Visit npsb.la/teachnatchitoches to apply.
The board is considering a COVID-19 policy to face challenges brought about by the pandemic. Details of that policy are available at the school board.
“Construction is still ongoing” is a common phrase on the maintenance report from Supervisor Ryan Shirley. That construction includes items that were part of bond issue funded improvements at Natchitoches Central, East Natchitoches, Weaver, L.P. Vaughn and Magnet. Those jobs range from bathroom repairs to new water heaters being installed.
AC/HVAC units are being installed in the cafeteria at Goldonna; restroom plumbing and roof leaks were repaired and new water heaters installed at Fairview; ball field lights were replaced, air conditioning in the old gym concession has been repaired and a new culvert for the drainage near the cafeteria were installed at Provencal; a concrete drive has been replaced, new refrigerator installed and the new gym is almost complete at Marthaville.
Altec is “walking” the Cloutierville school in preparation for building removal; a new motor has been installed on gym seating at Lakeview.

This article published in the March 12, 2022, print edition

Renovations to the board room in the central office are complete and a new motor in the air conditioner will be replaced when it comes in.
The ongoing problem of lawn care and tree and brush removal is progressing as the report says Payne’s Lawn Service has “touched every single one of our campuses and things are coming together nicely.”
Notable on the personnel report is that Director of Federal Programs Julee´ Wright will retire March 31 and Danna LaCaze was promoted from supervisor to director of the Department of Exceptional Student Services March 1.
Child Nitrition District Manager Shawna Hicks reported that she received $125,000 from the State for supply chain assistance. The funds are earmarked for minimally processed foods to be utilized in school cafeterias.
Hicks said summer school feeding is underway; she submitted a claim for $354,598 for food during January.