Just Talkin’ for March 17, 2022


JT has always considered Sen. Don Kelly one of the state’s real leaders and powerbrokers in Louisiana politics.
Now it seems Kelly can join another of JT’s favorites…Mark Twain. It was Twain who said, “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”
The former state senator, who spent 20 years at the legislature and was a member of Louisiana’s last Constitutional Convention in 1974, served in key positions for Governors Edwin Edwards and Buddy Roemer and handled the majority of their bills.
Well…as the legislature is returning to session…a story came out last week about lawmakers who had filed the most bills during their tenure. Number one was New Orleans lawmaker, the late John Hainkel Jr., who was a 37-year veteran of the legislature. Number two on the list, according to the writer, was the late Don Kelly.
Sen. Kelly heard about the article through a friend who called to make sure it was actually the senator he had conversed with a few days earlier.
Kelly said that perhaps to the disappointment of some…he’s not late yet.
Despite threats of cold weather, JT thought Blooming on the Bricks was a good event.
It was nice to see our locally talented arts and craftsmen display their works.
There were some hearty, beautiful plants also. JT heard that one of his staffers actually asked someone which one they thought he should kill. Some folks just have trouble keeping plants alive.
JT loves plants and they’ve been a passion of his for years. For the novice however, JT suggest you find a plant you like and then Google to find out how best to care for it.
There are at least a couple of bills in the legislative hopper that JT will be surprised if they ever see the light of day. They are attacks to the parish courthouse crowd.
There’s one setting term limits on Sheriff’s and Assessors and another, one or two, taking on the Clerk of Courts. That’s not who you want to pick a fight with.
Heck, there’s even one in there to try and kill local community newspapers.
You would think a lot of these legislators would remember they are running for re-election next year and would opt to bring as much as they can of those federal monies back home and sneak through the session with their image unblemished.
Obviously you..and I…would be wrong.
Did you see that beautiful rainbow Tuesday afternoon?
JT was in the parking lot of Dixie Plaza Shopping center when he noticed several groups of people with their phones out taking pictures. As he looked toward the east (Winnfield direction) he saw this huge wonderful rainbow. In fact there were two rainbows.
It was a nice ending to the day.
No…JT didn’t go chasing the pot of gold that is rumored to be at the end of the rainbow. But he did study it enough to have a pretty good guess the pot of gold is located at the upper end of Cane River. He’s not going to say at whose house it appears to be located….but he is going to try and wrangle an invite for himself to supper at one or two of those homes.