Black mold closes MLK Center


The City of Natchitoches announced the MLK Recreation Center closed effective March 15 due to the presence of Stachybotrys (Black Mold) in the building. The building will remain closed until remediation is complete. All scheduled activities at the MLK Recreation Center are cancelled until the problem is resolved. A temporary location for the Recreation Department’s staff will be the City’s Municipal Building, 560 Second St., during normal business hours.

This article published in the March 17, 2022, print edition.

The Times asked City Purchasing Director Edd Lee how the mold was found. He said it was discovered as part of a requirement that all buildings receiving funds as part of the LCDBG HVAC grant be tested for mold. He said there have been no reports of illness as a result of the presence of mold.
“The city will issue an RFP for mold abatement,” he said. As far as the cost, Lee said they were unsure at this time. “We will know more when RFP’s are received. The RFP has not yet been issued. We are still working on the scope of the repair and more evaluation will be needed before an RFP can be issued. We are working as fast as possible to get this addressed.”
Lee said the mold is fairly well dispersed throughout the HVAC System, ceiling tiles and other areas of the building that are prone to having higher humidity. A specific cause, other than humidity, is unknown.
For more information, call the City of Natchitoches at (318) 352-2772.