DAR Cane River Chapter celebrates national Women’s History Month


The Cane River Chapter of the NSDAR met March 8 at St. Augustine Catholic Church Hall and via ZOOM. The meeting focused on Women’s History Month, women’s issues and women’s health, in particular, the prevention of heart attack or stroke. Vice Regent Gail Jones provided handouts on how to spot a stroke and signs of a heart attack.
The chapter presented Cane River Chapter member Vera Severin with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Community Service Award for years of outstanding volunteer service outside of DAR. Severin has contributed countless hours of service through voluntary heroic, civic, benevolent service and by organizing and participating in community activities. The award provides a unique opportunity for DAR to recognize worthy individuals and organizations for outstanding voluntary service. A DAR chapter may present a limit of two awards per year. NON-DAR members are also eligible to receive this award.

This article published in the March 17, 2022, print edition.

A topic discussed at the meeting was, “When Dogs went to War”.
March 13 recognizes National K9 Veterans Day and the many dedicated dogs who served since World War II. Over one million dogs served on both sides during World War I, carrying messages along the complex network and providing emotional support to soldiers. The most famous dog to emerge from World War I was Rin Tin Tin. Some US soldiers found this abandoned puppy of German war dogs in France in 1918. He was brought to the United States where he made his debut in the 1922 silent film, “The Man from Hell’s River.” Rin Tin Tin made the German Shepard breed famous across the country.
A date to remember is National Medal of Honor Day, March 25. All Medal of Honor recipients are recognized on this day. It is awarded to US military personnel by the President for acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. This is the highest awarded military honor in the U.S. There are three versions of the Medal of Honor: Army, Navy and Air Force. Marine Corps and Coast Guard recipients receive the Navy version.
National Vietnam War Veterans Day is observed March 29. This day honors the men and women who served and sacrificed in the longest conflict in American history.
For assistance or additional information, contact Cane River Chapter Regent Peggy Aycock at caneriverlsdar@gmail.com.
DAR Vice Regent, Gayle Jones, presents the DAR Community Service Award to Vera Severin.