Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for March 17, 2022


There will be a new look at the school board come January.
Current members Russ Danzy, Eugean Garner and Rhonda Guidroz tell JT they will not seek re-election in October. There could be others but so far no one else has commented. Rhonda says she wants to spend more time with her grandkids and JT suspects Russ and Eugean have similar plans. 
Qualifying is in July giving potential candidates time to think about a run for a board seat. 
JT hears that Harbor Freight is considering a store in Natchitoches, but hasn’t made a decision yet.
Officially the word is “I can confirm that we are actively looking at the possibility…”
For those of you unfamiliar with Harbor Freight, JT likens it to a big boy candy store…but instead of candies it’s goodies for the shop.
Hopefully they’ll decide before too long, his planer is plain old worn out. 
JT ran across an article the other day recalling all of the things…good and bad… Louisiana has brought to the rest of the nation. For example, we’re home to Bayou Billionaires, Duck Dynasty, Southern Charm, Swamp People, Billy the Exterminator, etc…
And when it comes to food, no one can beat Louisiana. There’s creole, blackened and Cajun cooking.
Then you add Raising Canes, Church’s Fried Chicken, Popeye’s, Superior Bar and Grill, Walk Ons…and of course our world’s famous meat pies, boudin and King Cakes.
Then you’ve got Tabasco Sauce.
We were the first in the US to stage an opera, the game of Craps got it’s start in New Orleans, dental floss was invented here and we are the home of Jazz…just to name a few.
There’s much more but what an impact we have had on the nation.
A Negreet raised author, who now lives in Atlanta, has a book coming out around the end of May that is set in a fictional town…that’s actually based on Natchitoches.
The book by Susan Sands is a romance novel titled “Home to Cypress Bayou”.
She admits she took a few liberties with the names of restaurants and the town…and while it might be fiction…it could be fun to see if you can unveil the real locations and lore.