Natchitoches Police to reintroduce Additional Street Patrol unit


The Natchitoches Police Department is bringing back its Additional Street Patrol unit, also known as ASP, this month. The ASP unit is composed of several highly motivated officers who are primarily tasked with locating and arresting the individuals responsible for the recent increase in shootings. ASP will also focus on other criminal activity such as felony warrants, burglaries, street level narcotics, violent crimes against citizens and other offenses affecting the quality of life in Natchitoches.

This article published in the March 24, 2022, print edition

According to Chief Nikeo Collins, “The goal of the ASP unit is to reduce gun violence and to directly address the rise in criminal activities that have been affecting citizens in the City of Natchitoches.  The ASP unit will be proactive and dedicated to stemming the senseless violence that has led to the loss of life, injury to bystanders, damage to property and the terrorizing of communities.”