February permits top $1.4 million


Carolyn Roy | News Editor
The Parish Government Planning and Zoning Department issued 36 permits with a valuation of $1,429,512 in February according to the permit report. The permits listed are for applications and not every one has a valuation since the permit costs depend on the square footage.
Planning and Zoning director is Melonia McDaniel.

This article published in the March 26, 2022, print edition

The report lists the total deposit for fees as $18,739. Of the total, $700 was for flood zone fees, $7,705 was for inspection fees, $35 was for miscellaneous fees, $7,714 was for permits and $2,585 was for plan reviews.
There were applications for three new construction permits. The first was to Donna Perot at 4646 Hwy. 119 for a valuation of $450,000. There were other applications, with no valuation listed, for Rhodes Properties at 115 Madalyn Drive in Kennedi Estates and Sarah and William Greg Frazier at 2297 Hwy. 479.
There were 10 applications for residential manufactured homes. They were issued to:
•Annie Joseph, 180 Hwy. 6, $187,000
•Bobbie Brown, 433 New Roads Road, $97,000
•Edgar Campa, 6181 Hwy. 9, Belle Cove Subdivision, no valuation
•Emily Corley, 847 Messick Road $67,000
•Jonathan Parish, 128 Shamrock Loop, $184,900
•Julie Wallace, 4716 Hwy. 3278, $120,000
•Carla Hatch, 185 Hwy. 1225, $149,000
•Tycianna Caldwell, 670 Hwy. 71, no valuation
•Cory Lemoine, 4560 Hwy. 490, no valuation
•Matthew Whitehead, 1598 Hwy. 119, no valuation
Other permits were issued to:
•Renee DeMoss, 4278 University Parkway, commercial plumbing, $100,000
•James Johnson, 226 Johnson Loop, residential electrical
•Jackie Allen, 7202 Hwy. 6, residential electrical
•Kelly Allen, 3152 Hwy. 156, residential electrical
•Byron Johnson, 192 Yvonne St., residential electrical
•Dawn Basco-Martin, 9383 Hwy. 119, residential electrical
•Joyce Coleman, 190 Hwy. 119, commercial electrical
•Corey Eddington, 6533 Hwy. 6, residential electrical
•Teresa Mitchell, 4819 Hwy. 9, residential electrical
•Ward Electric/Rodney Reed, 1913 Hwy. 6, residential electric
•Phillip Morgan, 138 Cuban Road, residential electrical
•Ark-La-Tex Builders/Philip Byles, 170 Melrose Bend, residential detached building, $29,200
•Theresa and Larry Carroll, 283 Hwy. 3191, residential detached building, $12,012
•Corey Lemoine, 4560 Hwy. 490, residential detached building, no valuation
•Luther W. Lott Jr., 1543A Hwy. 504, residential RV, $20,000
•Shelia Ruffin, 6414 Hwy. 9, commercial grease trap sizing
•Prothro Construction/Phil Rider, 3194 Hwy. 71, commercial sign replacement, no valuation
•Joe and Dolly Mahoney, 785 Shady Grove Road, residential RV
•Thomas Verzwyvelt/Michael Benjamin Sr., 310 Franklin Lane, residential electrical, $400
•Gloria Horton, 272 Riverside Lane, residential generator, $13,000
•Matthew Whitehead, 1598 Hwy. 119, residential boat house, no valuation
•Roger McCann, 1211 Patrick Road, commercial RV
•Shannon Harris, 158 Hill Road, commercial RV