St. Mary’s junior, Mason McCart, elected State Beta Club President


Nathan Wilson | Reporter
Saint Mary’s junior, Mason McCart, was elected as next year’s State Beta Club president at the national convention Feb. 25.
McCart emphasized that Beta Club’s mission is to inspire leadership among its members. “By being in Beta Club you’re already a leader in a sense,” he said.
McCart’s stint in Beta Club is shorter than his election to office suggests; he became involved at the beginning of his sophomore year and credits his success to embracing the club’s values and the support he received from classmates. “Even though I’m not as experienced as the other Beta kids, I used what I knew and it was enough to get me elected as state president.”

This article published in the March 26, 2022, print edition

One friend and classmate whose help he didn’t enlist is Anna Kate Jackson, who is the National Beta Club president. “Anna Kate, I didn’t want her to help me at all really,” said McCart. “At the convention she treated me just like every other candidate and I was very thankful for that. I didn’t want any bias toward me.” He pointed out that Jackson was busy with her responsibilities. “She had the convention to run.”
McCart described his priorities in office. “My main platform is making sure everybody knows that they have worth and that they can do something with what they have,” he said. “You can do this in the community. You can make a difference.” His goals during his term reflect an ethos of leading by example. “I just hope to accomplish more community service and to help build everyone up as a true leader.”
In addition to his work in Beta Club, McCart is most proud of the nonprofit he started, Cooking For a Cause, which has over 20 participants and four to five core members. Each month the organization donates bake sale proceeds toward an organizations like the Women’s Resource Center or a person in need and has raised almost $15,000 since its inception. “This month we’re actually donating to a former teacher here at St. Mary’s. She was just recently in the hospital, and really I just wanted to help,” he said.
Mason McCart with St. Mary’s Beta Club sponsor Michael Landry at the state convention Courtesy photos

McCart was eager to share his favorite recipe. “I had a banana bread phase, and I baked about eight loaves of banana bread a week during quarantine.” He described his inspiration for founding the organization. “I started it when I was at a low point, and I just started praying more and that is what God gave me.”
McCart couldn’t narrow down the list of teachers who contributed to his success. “A good majority of the teachers I’ve had here, because I’ve been here 14 years, and so I’ve had almost half the faculty here as my teacher.” He pointed to one teacher who is challenging him to perform his best. “My chemistry teacher, Ms. Carol Garcia, she has just always been very inspirational,” he said. “You can see the hard work and dedication she has to teaching and its really just motivated me to becoming just a more responsible individual.”
McCart is planning his next steps by identifying which universities he’s interested in. “Notre Dame is the top, and then UT Austin (and) Tulane, those are reach schools,” he began. “If I wasn’t to get into those it would probably be UL.” He describes his future goal. “I am a very big movie-lover, and I want to be in film when I grow up, and (be) a director.” he said. “I have not made any films, but I wish to.”
Anna Kate Jackson holds a national BETA office and fellow student Mason McCart is her successor as State Beta Club president.