Just Talkin’ for March 24, 2022


JT’s ran across an interesting and seldom used word the other day….nefarious. It was in a story about transgender athletes. A quick Google search gave the definition as “wicked or criminal.”
It’s not one we hear a lot but we should. After all, this is Louisiana where politics is as much a sport as football. It’s just a good word than can apply to a lot of Louisiana’s antics.
Wow…that was quick.
One week after announcing Coach Mike McConathy’s retirement, the Demons have a new head basketball coach. (You can read a lot into that…JT sure did…or nothing at all.)
He’s Corey Gipson, who spent the past seven years at Missouri State and was their associate head coach. He becomes only the 10th NSU head men’s basketball coach and the first head coach of color in the University’s history.
We wish him….and all our Demon and Lady Demon teams… the best.
JT hasn’t seen the exact figure for the amount of rain we got Tuesday but it was humongous. He’s heard as much a 4 inches in a six hour period. That qualifies for what us folks in the south like to call… a gulley washer.
As a youngster, JT, on occasion, would use those full ditches as a makeshift swimming pool.
Nothing brings a smile to your face faster than seeing a kid stomping in a puddle or playing in the rain.
You won’t find it in any promotional brochure about Iceland…but JT can think of a few places you would want to know about this kind of information.
JT was reading an area paper about a mother and daughter who visited Iceland recently and related the events of their trip to a local civic club. She pointed out Iceland is about the size of Alabama and has a population of around 330,000. (About the population of Caddo-Bossier parishes.)
It was pointed out most people are related. Therefore, there’s a dating app so people don’t date their cousin.
However, JT knows there are areas of our state where that practice doesn’t seem to bother some folks.