City Council deals with business matters


Carolyn Roy | News Editor

The City Council introduced four ordinances, adopted six, tabled one and removed one at its meeting Monday.
Scheduled for a vote was one that authorized the Industrial Development Board to secure bond financing for renovations to the U.S. Parks Department artifact storage building and the depot. The council voted to remove the ordinance from the agenda after Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr. said there may be a better way to secure financing.
The council tabled the ordinance approving the power supply agreement with CLECO since the contract is not completed.
The council introduced the following ordinances. They will be voted on at the April 11 meeting.
•No. 22 authorizes the Mayor to award the bid for a 750 KVA pad mount transformer to Wesco Distribution of Lafayette with a bid of $32,568.

This article published in the April 2, 2022, print edition

•No. 23 authorizes the sale of a hangar on Lot 3 at Natchitoches Regional Airport to Marc Millican for $41,003. One only other bid was from Dean Lemoine for $28,150.
•No. 24 authorizes the lease of Lot 3 to Marc Millican for 10 years at $2,178 annually. While the City can sell a hangar, it retains ownership of the property it is on.
•No. 25 provides for the distribution of American Rescue Funds to City employees. The ordinance was re-introduced to add date-of-hire (Feb. 1, 2022) and provide for a budget amendment.
The council cast affirmative votes on the following ordinances:
•No. 13 declares Summertree Apartments unsafe with the recommendation of demolition.
•No. 14 authorizes awarding bid for 2021-22 Phase 1 Street Rehabilitation to Williams Equipment Services LLC in the amount of $1,177,046 for parts of Sadia, St. Clair Avenue, Peninsula Drive, Breda, Amulet and Mayfield streets and Simmons Alley.
•No. 15 awards the bid for Christmas lighting supplies to Dean Nida & Associates LLC of Sarasota, Fla., for bid of $34,050
•No. 16 amends the City Charter to allow animal control officers to issue summons and respond to misdemeanor complaints. In the past, only commissioned officers could do so.
•No. 16 amends an ordinance to correct name of Natchitoches CFA LLC in cost-sharing agreement with City for installation of infrastructure at Chick-fil-A restaurant at the corner of East Fifth and Keyser.
•No. 19 authorizes disposal of adjudicated property owned by the City. It will help blight and lower costs the City spends to maintain the property.
Williams introduced new finance director Clarissa Brown-Smith and assistant City Attorney Johnathan Blake.
This week, Williams will begin his open-seat sessions Fridays from 9-11 a.m. on the platform in front of City Hall on Second Street. He will discuss local issues with residents.
The next City Council meeting will be Monday, April 11 at 5:30 p.m. Non-agenda items can be discussed at the pre-meeting at 5 p.m.