Just Talkin’ for March 31, 2022


JT can’t get too excited over the veto session because he knows that no matter what happens there are still battles to be had in court.
However, from the sidelines watching this unfold, it’s gonna get as much attention as the “slap” at the Oscars.
It appears this veto override vote is much closer than the legislature’s attempt last year on a couple bills Gov. John Bel Edwards nixed. Just like the last attempt, some lawmaker is going to be punished for their vote. They’ll either get crossways with the Speaker of the House or Senate President….if the override fails by one or two votes, or by the governor if it passes.
Speaking of the Oscars….
JT doesn’t watch any of the awards shows. Mainly because he hasn’t seen the movies they are talking about and doesn’t know who most of the actors are. Same thing with music awards…except he can’t understand most of the words to the songs they are singing. (If that’s what you want to call it.)
Many years ago, JT got tired of them using those shows to misbehave and spout off their political causes and beliefs.
Years ago they were held in high esteem…not so much anymore.
So much for quick Internet access throughout the parish.
If you read our story Thursday you saw the school board has hit a snag in receiving grant money for Internet service to unserved areas of the parish. In addition there are a couple other companies also seeking grant monies to provide the service.
The School Board teamed up with EpicTouch on this project, EpicTouch ordered the equipment needed…but now it seems it’s gathering dust.
As someone reminded JT the other day, you should always be leery of someone who says they are from the government and they are here to help you.
They announced all this grant money….but no one seems to know when it will trickle down to where it’s actually needed.
Speaking of broadband, did you look at the cost per household?
AT&T and Suddenlink (Altice) want to provide fiber service while Nextlink wants to use what’s called a fixed wireless network. AT&T would connect 383 homes for $5,483 per home according to their grant application for $2.1 million and Suddenlink would reach 763 homes for $4,330 per home in their grant application for $3.3 million.
Nextlink, which will use another route for providing service, wants $1.5 million for 12,400 homes. (That’s $120.96 per home).
JT was visiting with an Internet skeptic the other day that said it’s a waste of money and likened Internet service to voting. He said we throw a lot of money and opportunities at people to vote and yet they still don’t take advantage of it. The same thing will happen with providing Internet service.