Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for April 2, 2022


Not sure how we did it…but we weathered a pretty good storm.
JT can’t remember when we had such high winds and pounding rain. There appeared to have been some close calls and quite a few tree and utility line damage, but overall we fared better than other parts of the state.
A special thanks to all the emergency response personnel and good neighbors.
For Saint fans….the news is not good.
Since we have gotten heavily into legalized sports betting, you can now bet on almost any aspect of anything. For example, the Saint’s chances of a winning season or even making it to the Super Bowl. Right now those odd are 50-1 on the Super Bowl.
And the oddsmakers are letting you bet if the Saints will be better or worse than last year. Right now they’re saying worse.
JT isn’t into that form of gambling, but apparently he’s in the minority on that.
He read where there was something like $251 million in wages since the mobile apps went live in late January and the state has received $2.2 million in taxes from gambling.
What he hasn’t seen reported anywhere is how much was actually won by Louisiana residents.
Another thing JT can’t quite understand is Centenary College getting back into fielding a football team. They haven’t played football there in over 30 years. It just doesn’t make sense….unless they are hoping to use football to raise funds to keep their other sports teams afloat.
At nearly every university…no matter if you win or not…football generates the most dollars. They’ve got a coach though to help navigate them through the process with Caddo Parish ties. Byron Dawson, a former Evangel Eagle and LSU Tiger, comes home after two years as a coach at Tulane University.
US Senator Bill Cassidy, a Republican, has let it be known he is “seriously considering” the next race for Louisiana Governor…. a bold move for someone with only a 38 percent likeability rating in a recent poll.
His popularity dropped significantly when he ditched the Republican Party line and voted to impeach President Donald Trump. That was January over a year ago and while he drew praise and gained some support from a lot of the state’s Democrats, he lost the base of Trump supporters.
He’s also got another important vote next week that has campaign strategists watching. Will he support President Biden’s first woman of color nominee to the US Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, or will he fall in with the Republican Party line and vote against a Democrat.
It’s a vote where he will surely lose support from state votes either way OR, is he thinking with the current list of gubernatorial candidates he might just be the “hold your nose and vote” compromise.
He says he won’t make a decision until the end of the year.