Butte Tribe brings tribal culture to Dogwood Festival

Chief Rodger Collum poses with triplet daughters of Toby and Jamie Garner, Mia, Mya, and Addilynn.

Belinda Brooks
Butte Tribe joined State Representative Gabe Firment at the annual Grant Parish Dogwood Festival Saturday, April 2. Butte Tribe’s covered wagon strolled through the streets of Pollock carrying Butte Tribe’s first lady, Charlia Collum, and Council Chief Becky Dye, along with numerous other tribe members.

This article published in the April 9, 2022, print edition

Chief Rodger Collum, with his chosen group of tribe members, led the ensemble. They walked the parade route in front of the covered wagon as they greeted the festival crowd. The crowd stopped the chief repeatedly along the route for picture-taking. In a show-stopper moment, Chief Collum was handed a set of triplets for a photo. The parade ended with Butte Tribe taking the second-place trophy out of the 55 parade entries.
From Left: Elie Lonadier, Joseph Hernandez, Chief Rodger Collum, Gabe Firment holding Caroline David, Bobbie Desadier, Owen Stokes, Caleb Firment, Ella Firment and Allie Pace.

Following the parade, Chief Collum and Ginger Mitchem entered the Street Dance contest. Pollock judges were surprised to see that Butte Tribe’s chief was multi-talented. He and his partner won the first place trophy with their jitterbug.
For more information about Butte Tribe, it’s events and history, go to BUTTETRIBE.ORG.
Butte Tribe of Bayou Bourbeaux marched in the Grant Parish Dogwood Festival parade in Pollock.