Former students honor late Lakeview/Campti educator Shirtee Evans

Lakeview High School Principal William Hymes, accepted a donation in memory of the late Shirtee Evans. From left are Steven Harris District 8 Board Member, Hymes, Board President Reba Phelps, District 6, and Eugene Garner, District 7. 

The Campti High School Class of 1990 made a heartfelt donation in memory of former educator and vice-principal, Shirtee Evans. The class raised money to help one of their fallen classmates, Scott Long, and had money available to make another donation.

Shirtee Evans

The organizers agreed they would like to honor Evans for the memories he created for them during their high school years. Evans was known as a staunch supporter of discipline, which earned respect from the students, but he was also known for his way of making them friends as well. He loved all sports at Campti High School, and then Lakeview High School, so it was agreed the donation would be made to the Lakeview High School Basketball program. 
This article published in the April 16, 2022, print edition

Class member Melissa McLaren Frye shared, “Mr. Evans was truly a man among men and he blessed our lives so much, I hope he knew how much we all respected him.”
“Mr. Evans was a fan favorite of all of the students, he touched the lives of many children through he decades and I am so happy to see him honored in this way,” said Board President Reba Phelps. 
The donation was presented at the April Committee Meeting of the Natchitoches Parish School Board.