Just Talkin’ for April 14, 2022


Those high winds last week gave JT both some concern and humor.
He happened to be driving home Thursday afternoon from Shreveport and decided to travel LA Hwy. 1 instead of the I-49 route.
There were a couple of times he ran into what is only describable as a “dust story”. The winds were blowing across the freshly plowed fields and there were sections of the road that looked like a brown fog.
It was really odd.
Then JT had the fun of watching someone chase chair cushions across the yard that the winds had set free.
Aside from the pollen, JT really enjoys the spring season.
One of the nicer things of “spring” is prom season.
JT happened to run into several groups of promo attendees. It’s refreshing to see these young men and women “really” dressed up with nice hairdos and haircuts and enjoying themselves.
Can’t wait to see the Easter outfits.
Only in Louisiana as they say…
The weather is really all over the place. Dust storms, high winds and rain seemed to be the order of the day.
Tuesday night’s hard rain and thunder kept JT up. Something about a weather alert going off while you’re in bed doesn’t have quite the calming effect you need to sleep. And from what he hears, those around town with pets had a time calming their animals down.
About the time JT finally fell off into a good sleep…there goes the alarm clock and he wakes up as tired as he was when he first went to bed.
JT got to watch about an hour of the Joe Delaney Bowl last Saturday at Turpin Stadium and was really impressed with the “enthusiasm” of both players and coaches.
Coach Brad Laird called it “energy”..and there was a lot of that.
JT didn’t see any of those “Joe Delaney “ style off to the races runs….but there was a presence of a running game.
It looks like the Demon’s will be airing it out again this year. Lots of passes on Saturday and a really good receiving corp.
Without knowing what the other conference teams will look like…with the talent JT saw on the field, he’s optimistic for a good season.
Speaking of sports, JT read where Lamar University in Beaumont, TX is returning to the Southland Conference in the academic 2023-24 year. They left a year ago for the Western Athletic Conference. However, the WAC is expanding all the way to California and it would be too much of a burden on the Cardinals in terms of travel.