Road Report


Carolyn Roy | News Editor
The Parish Government Highway Department performed 248 jobs during March according to the report submitted to the Parish Council by Interim Director Dustin Hightower.
Good weather accounted for the increase in the number of jobs that compared to 160 in February.
The jobs cost a total of $282,809; $52,159 for labor; $124,224 for materials and $106,425 for equipment. The jobs represented 46 miles that received maintenance.
There were 11 jobs in District 1 represented by Chris Paige. They cost $5,746 with $798 for labor, $2,982 for materials and $1,965 for equipment.

This article published in the April 23, 2022, print edition

The main jobs included blading, coldmix patching and adding gravel. The jobs were on St. Savior Church road (two), Rex Waterwell, Boston Fowler, Sylvest, Pecan Court, Front, Marshall, Saylor and Wood (two).
There were 12 jobs in District 2 represented by Patsy Ward Hoover. They cost $17,155 with $4,568 for labor; $3,558 for materials; and $9,028 for equipment. The largest jobs were ditching on Village of Natchez streets for a total of $10,348. Two minor jobs were installing a new street sign and a new 911 sign. Other jobs including grading, coldmix patching, installing culverts, blading and adding gravel.
There were 12 jobs in District 3 represented by Jim Kilcoyne. The total was $$3,655 with $1,245 for labor, $829 for materials and $1,579 for equipment. There was an increase compared to only one job of installing a sign last month. The jobs ranged in cost from $942 to $45. They included installing a corsonsite sign, coldmix patching, cutting tree off of road, blading, repairing culverts and coldmix patching.
There were 123 jobs for 37 miles in District 4 represented by Monty Cheatwood. The cost was $86,787 with $19,008 for labor, $34,378 for materials and $33,400 for equipment. The work represented 35 miles.
The larger jobs included adding gravel on Ed Connally Road, adding gravel to Durr School Spur and hauling gravel to Gates and Savell roads with Goldonna purchasing the materials.
The largest district by size, District 5, represented by John Salter, had 91 jobs at a cost of $282,809. Of the total, $52,159 was for labor, $124,224 was for materials and $106,450 was for equipment. The jobs covered 46 miles.
Major repairs continued to Kisatchie Falls Road with an expenditure of just under $80,000. Other major jobs were ditching and adding materials on Mims, ditching and adding gravel to Preston Hayes, installing culverts on Crossroads Church, adding gravel on Sparks, adding gravel on Jackson Cemetery and work on Bay Springs.