Letter to the Editor: Rodney Allen


The Royal Scam, Part Infinity

This article published in the April 21, 2022, print edition

“Hunter’s Laptop”: a phrase indicating the person using it is a Trump Stooge who never tires of trying to make a mountain out of a molehill and vice versa.
Sometimes, there isn’t even a molehill, as in the case of “Stop the Steal.” Trump’s claim the 2020 election was stolen from him has long been totally debunked by known radicals like Mitch McConnell, Bill Barr, and other GOP lifers frantically headed for the exits of the never-ending clown show of outrageous lies told by their carnival barking fraudster-in-chief. Even some dead-ender Qanon supporters aren’t showing up anymore for his hour-and-a-half self pity parties deep in his homeland—the former Confederate States of America. Sad. It’s like Trump can’t even fool the fools anymore.
But back to the “Hunter’s Laptop” meme. In Royal Alexander’s latest attempt in the Natchitoches Times to raise the Titanic and sink American democracy, he spectacularly self-owns himself by trying to lie his way into claiming that Trump would have been elected for a second term if Democrats “had known of the laptop scandal at the time of the election.” Like we hadn’t already heard of it then? Does Alexander seriously think Democrats can’t remember that far back? That we don’t remember that Trump was impeached then for trying to extort a fake “investigation” into “the Bidens” from President Zelinski, who was meeting with Trump in the attempt to get him to turn over $400,000,000 Congress had already funded to help Ukraine fend off Putin’s murderous attack on the Donbas regions? Trump, who has been Putin’s “useful idiot” for decades, was perfectly willing to hold back that money as Ukrainians were dying because that dealy served his Russian master as well as himself. Putin gets to kill more Ukrainians, and Trump gets “Hunter’s Laptop.”
But here’s the “mountain”: while Alexander rages against the “millions” Hunter Biden allegedly got for selling access to his father, we learned a few days ago that Jared Kushner got a cool 2 BILLION DOLLARS LAST WEEK from the Saudi Crown Prince—the thug who ordered the bone-saw murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi journalist who had been publishing the ruling family’s misdeeds. Unlike the assertions Hunter Biden got millions illegally, there’s no doubt Kushner got this massive 2 billion dollar bribe from the Crown Prince. Kushner hasn’t even bothered to deny it. 
Nor has Royal Alexander denied it. A useful lie is far more important to him than any inconvenient truth.
Hypocrisy, thy name is Royal.
Rodney Allen