NPD Incident Report for April 5-6, 2022


Juanice Gray | Editor
April 6
7:57 a.m.: animal complaint: Fairgrounds Road: Donal B. Harrison was charged with one count no tags attached, one count animal at large and one count improper confinement.
8:44 a.m.: forgery: Caller at the Parish Courthouse stated an unknown subject consolidated her student loan and she is needing to make a report per the loan company
11:49 a.m.: Complaint: Complainant reported a blue Ford 4×4 is parked in the handicap space at 1768 Texas Street. Caller stated subject is always paringin the spot.
12:50 p.m.: unauthorized use of a moveable: Caller on Fairgrounds Road stated his son took his vehicle and is not wanting to return it. The 2000 Red Ford Expedition is valued at $5,000.
6:14 p.m.: complaint: Complainant stated a female subject entered the bed and breakfast at 309 Pine St. Caller observed the female enter and a short moment later she exited the premises and was in the back yard. Officer made contact with the female. No charges but she was banned from the location by the owner.
8:42 p.m.: Complaint: Caller on Fairgrounds Road called again in reference to his son coming back to the residence, they got into a verbal altercation and the son left with the vehicle again.
9:49 p.m.: information only: Dollar General on Keyser Ave., Caller advised an unknown subject stole her checkbook and debit card. Advised she would contact NPD the next morning to file a report.
April 5
7:25 a.m.: theft: complainant on Reba Street stated she let a male use her vehicle and he had not returned it. Male returned while officer was on scene.
7:28 a.m.: Someone allegedly gained entry into the Frankie Ray Jackson Technical School on Koonce Street during spring break. Subjects gained entry through a window but nothing seems to have been taken.
8:49 a.m.: animal complaint: Caller at LP Vaughn School requested assistance from the animal shelter with a possum near the front door.
10:42 a.m.: arrest: Camerion Stoker arrested for simple possession of marijuana, was issued a summons and given return court date. Summons also issued to Nicholas Chapman for simple possession and he was given court date as well.
12:19 p.m.: Complaint: Complainant advised she sent $300 worth of gift cards to Larry Scott via Facebook messenger and was promised $150,000 in return.
6:22 p.m.: complaint: A male subject allegedly took the key to a four wheeer at Mufflex on Texas Street. Advised the key was located on Grace Avenue.
8:34 p.m.: arrest: Tyler Armstrong was arrested for FTA warrant for unsafe operation and no insurance. He was also arrested for resisting and issued a summons for resisting by giving a false name.
8:57 p.m.: drunk: Concerned citizen called in reference to a female possibly driving drunk near the Wash N Dry on Keyser. Officers made contact with the female subject. Advised there were only water bottles in the vehicle.
9:04 p.m.: arrest: Clint Tyler was arrested for simple possession of marijuana and issued a summons with a return court date.
9:33 p.m.: Christopher Graham was arrested for disturbing the peace on Howell Street and Amulet Street.
10:06 p.m.: simple battery: Officer at NRMC advised he was getting out in reference to a battery. Ashianna Demas was charged with simple battery of a dating partner.