Just Talkin’ for April 21, 2022


JT heard from a reader that a former resident, Pat Tobin (who grew up in Cloutierville and graduated from St. Mary’s before graduate school and a career in nursing and Neonatal Surgery,) felt called to Poland to assist the Ukrainian refugees.
Pat is the son of Natchitoches resident Ginny Tobin and father of Amanda Tobin Dollar.
He was not put into a hospital to help, but to work at World Central Kitchen, a global nonprofit feeding program.
He wound up at a satellite kitchen about 100 meters from the Ukrainian border, and at the same outpost found a big name chef from New Orleans, who laughed and said if they could find the ingredients they could stop the war with a good gumbo. 
Last week they not only fed thousands of Ukrainian refugees, but a Russian father with two teenage sons who were escaping the boys’ “mandatory conscription into a worthless war.”
If you’re wondering how you can help, donations can be sent online to wck. org. God Bless you, Pat, and all the volunteers from around the world.
JT didn’t get to attend Dancing with the Sigmas Tuesday night, but the first thing he heard Wednesday morning was folks were really glad Grant Eloi has a day job!
Seems Eloi, the esteemed Superintendent of Natchitoches Parish Schools, is much better as an educator than a dancer.
He even made the same comment prior to the event and apparently proved himself right. His efforts, and those of others from the community, helped raise approximately $10,000.
Only one item on the ballot makes JT think the voter turnout Saturday, April 30 will be low. The item is a School Board sales tax renewal. It’s not a new tax.
JT hopes voters will get out and vote if for no other reason than to help the commissioners, who will be on site from 6:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m. pass the time.