Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for April 23, 2022


For the first time in what seems like forever….JT didn’t have any deviled eggs after Easter.
That’s usually a staple. Take the “usable” dyed eggs and turn them into either deviled eggs, mix them into the potato salad or even egg salad.
JT was talking about this the other day and one person was adamantly opposed to eating the dyed Easter eggs. Their argument against it was it just too much for them to look at the whites of the eggs that were now blotted with colors from the dye.
Their minds just couldn’t overcome the “not normal” color of the egg whites.
Guess JT has a stronger stomach…..since he is a strong believer in the five second rule.
Here’s some food for thought….
“Some things are better left unsaid, which I generally realize after I have said them.”
If you’ve seen groups or just some individuals picking up trash throughout the city it’s because the state is having a massive pick up the trash campaign called “Love the Boot Week”. Events, some this weekend, are in all 64 parishes across the state to clean up our neighborhoods.
Litter gives us one of our state’s biggest black eyes and JT hopes you will join the fight against litter by cleaning up your neighborhood, street or even your own yard.
Here’s one from the bet you didn’t know files.
The Lawrence Welk Show has been on national television over 50 years and airs each week on 279 public television stations. With over three million viewers each week it has more viewers than MTV, VH-1 and BET combined on Saturday nights.
And unlike American Idol, The Voice and the various music award programs…JT actually knows the words to the songs they are singing and playing.