3 permits issued for new homes


Three new home constructions permits were notable among those secured during March according to the monthly Parish Government report issued by Planning and Zoning Director Melonia McDaniel.
She issued 57 permits with a valuation of $2,088,392. The report shows a deposit of $24,616 permit fees.
The permit activity was up considerably over March of 2021 when the office issued 36 permits with a valuation of $436,000.
Of the 57 permits issued, nine were for residential manufactured homes. Twenty-two permits were issued for electrical connections for which there is no valuation.

This article published in the April 28, 2022, print edition

Permits and their valuations were issued to:
•Brittney Smith Matt, 4656 Hwy. 490, residential new construction, $600,000
•Luke Rasberry, 119 Eastin Circle, Kennadi Estates, residential new construction, $429,000
•Ruby August Walter, 3096 Posey Road, residential new construction, $300,000
•Sandra Tucker, 7728 Hwy. 71, residential manufactured home, no valuation
•Tawana Andrews, 1285 Hwy. 485, residential manufactured home, $70,000
•Shay Brazil, residential manufactured home, 226 Slaughter Road, $219,892
•Jeremiah Slate, 271 Melle, residential manufactured home, $8,000
•Franchesca Woodley, 221 Doyle Conley Road, residential manufactured home, $5,000
•Carolyn Jones Craig, 892 Janie Gorum Road, residential manufactured home, $14,000
•Gene McDavid, 146 Penceno Lane, residential manufactured home, $10,000
•Jeffrey Rachal, 624 Bermuda Road, residential manufactured home, $100,000
•Jeff Shriver, 3711 Hwy. 484, residential manufactured home, $89,000
•Evelyn Bamburg, 173 Harbor Estate Road, residential electrical, no valuation
•John Rolen, 123 Murray Lane, residential detached building, $17,000
•Jennifer Bandaries, 5780 Hwy. 9, commercial addition, no valuation
•Four-F Enterprises, 3256 Main Ave., residential RV hookup site, no valuation
•James Philen, 140 Hwy. 120, commercial RV pads 3 and 4, no valuation
•Deborah Dunn Gregory, 423 St. Francis Ave., residential detached building, $25,000
•Veronique Lemelle, 3196 Hwy. 119, residential portable building, $12,000
•Teri Ciaccio, 896 Hwy. 504, residential electrical, no valuation
•B.J. Taylor, 103 Keith Dr., residential electrical, no valuation
•Debra Roge-Bateman, 1894 Hwy. 119, detached residential building, $49,000
•Raymond Willis, 965 Collins Road, residential RV, $5,000
•Waskom Management, 107B South Dr., commercial remodeling, no valuation
•Joseph Oneka, 1432 Hwy. 1225, residential electrical, no valuation
•Robert Morgan, 909 Tauzin Island Road, 10 permits, commercial electrical, no valuation
•Gloria Johnson, 492 White Oak Lane, residential electrical, no valuation
•Lloyd Hardee, 354 Dick Anderson Road, residential swimming pool, $120,000
•Virginia James, 2492 Hwy 487, residential electrical, no valuation
•Shontell Byers, 244 Hwy. 119, residential electrical, no valuation
•Joseph Henderson, 14819 Hwy. 1, flood review, no valuation
•Doug Nichols, 1515 Hwy. 490, commercial electrical, no valuation
•SBA Communications, 7332 Hwy. 6, commercial electrical, no valuation
•Corey Wilson, 2027 Hwy. 6, commercial electrical, no valuation
•Terry Bell, 287 Holman Loop, residential electrical, no valuation
• Wanda Haley, 614 Rachal Camp Road, residential RV, two permits, no valuation
•Jimmy Lee McDaniel, 264 Hwy. 119, residential electrical
•Mike Jones, 247 Bellwood Church Road, residential generator, no valuation
•Douglas Nichols, 1515 Hwy. 490, commercial fire inspection, no valuation
•Gary Henry, 778 Fish Hatchery Road, residential electrical, $6,000
•Chad Moran, 140 and 150 Industrial Ave., commercial fire inspections, no valuation
•Paul Dennis Coleman, 153 Westwind Road, residential RV, no valuation
•Kathy Anderson, 9421 Hwy. 1, residential electrical, no valuation
•Edward Hoover, 331 Main, residential farm, no valuation