DeFord designs Cinco de Mayo pen


NATCHITOCHES – A Cinco de Mayo mini-pocket fountain pen designed by Northwestern State University Professor of Art Matt DeFord will debut Wednesday, May 4.  DeFord was commissioned to design the Cinco de Mayo pen for Endless Pens, an online pen store for luxury writing tools, accessories and more.

The Opus 88 pocked-sized fountain pen features a blend of translucent acrylic body accented with a stainless steel clip.

NRMC – Dr. Akhtar – Sept. 2022 – 300×250

“In my research about Cinco de Mayo, I learned that the armies of Napoleon III came to conquer Mexico in the name of France,” DeFord said. “In a certain city Puebla, the church bells rang signaling to the people of the arrival of the armies. The people grabbed their machetes and defeated the French. As I was applying the color to the ink drawing, I thought of how similar and timely this is to Russia invading the smaller nation of Ukraine. Many citizens came to fight with little assistance at first. This is a time to celebrate the courage of the regular people standing up to the neighborhood bully! Hence the blue and yellow not usually associated with Cinco de Mayo.”

The pen can be viewed and purchased at the following link: