Just Talkin’ for April 28, 2022


JT couldn’t help but be intrigued when he came across the headline Best Value Colleges in Louisiana.
The list had Northwestern in the #9 spot in the state. NSU has a value index of 33.78, just below UNO at 33.8 and just above Xavier at 33.01.
JT can only assume the list was the Top 10 because it did not include all of our colleges and universities. There was no ranking for Loyola or Centenary (which really seemed odd), nor for Nichols, Grambling, and Southern University. Also missing was Louisiana College (oops Louisiana Christian University) and no LSU-Alexandria or LSU-Shreveport.
The analysis was done by SmartAsset and rated the schools on their average scholarships and grants, the average starting salary of their graduates, college tuition, student living costs and student retention rate to give them a College Education Value.
It ranked LA Tech first in the review, followed by ULM, McNeese, LSU and ULL.
The highest retention rates among the colleges belonged to Tulane with 92 percent. LSU was second at 86%, LA Tech at 81% and ULL at 79%. NSU was at 76% retention while UNO was 10th at 70%.
The highest tuition cost belonged to Tulane at $54,820. Xavier of New Orleans was $24,343 and LSU was third at $11,950. NSU’s tuition cost was listed as the lowest of the group at $7,922.
Another interesting part of the study was the average starting salary of a graduate at NSU was $47,300. That ranked them 10th on the list. Xavier had an average starting salary of $47,600 while Southeastern was at $49,900.
JT thought maybe NSU’s Nursing program would have helped keep us out of the bottom.
As you would imagine, Tulane was tops of the schools at $60,400 followed by LSU with a $58,200 average starting salary and LA Tech was at $57,500. That really makes sense because Tulane and LSU graduate a large number of doctors and lawyers while LA Tech sends a lot of engineers (electrical, mechanical and petroleum) into the workforce.
JT is trying not to read too much into the numbers…but you can certainly draw some conclusions to them.
What a busy weekend we had… and what great weather.
JT knows it’s early but there was a really good turnout in booths and spectators at the Farmer’s Market. Although it was the first one of the season, it was probably one of the better ones we’ve had in some time.
Once the produce starts to come in it will only get better.
JT walked the grounds at the Melrose Arts and Crafts Festival Saturday around noon and was impressed. Of course any trip to Melrose is a treat.
The grounds were beautiful…as usual…and there were many more booths set up than he can recall in years. The crowd was a constant flow.
Several of the vendors JT visited with said business was steady.
This was really the first indication JT can point to that said the pandemic appears to be behind us.

JT hears a Shreveport based company has issued a casting call for a new movie.
The movie is tentatively titled “The Blind”. It’s a feature film about the origins of Duck Dynasty and the Robertson clan.
If interested, there’s a catch….hair and facial hair should fit that of 1975 styles.
JT’s not to sure the Robertson clan style doesn’t go back a lot further than that.