Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for April 30, 2022


While Electric Vehicles (EVs) might be the rave…there are more than a few pessimists of the EV future. Quite a few doubt the EV will ever become the mainstream of transportation and predict it will only serve a niche market with less than 10 percent of the total vehicles on the road.
What’s missing in a lot of the conversations is the expensive and expansive infrastructure needed to service the EVs and the short life of the batteries.
One example cited that EVs require 30 minutes to eight hours to recharge, depending if you are topping off or fully charging. Unless you are at a Buc-ees…that’s a lot of time to kill. So look at the amount of space needed for charging vehicles at an EV charge station.
By comparison, most gas/diesel vehicles take less than 15 minutes to refuel.
A typical filling station can service about 2,000 cars a day in a 12-hour period. To match that, experts say an EV charging station would need 600, 50-watt chargers costing an estimated $24 million. By comparison, you could power 20,000 homes with that power output.
Utility companies are being quiet on this issue because they see a big influx of federal dollars to pay their costs on creating this infrastructure. Then of course the EV user will have to install a home charging station and thus another increase in their utility costs. It’s not just something you can plug into your house outlet.
Engineers have determined the 75 amp service required means that on most suburban streets the electrical infrastructure would only be able to carry three houses with a single EV.
JT read where the average American made car on the road is 12 years old. An EV that age would be on its third battery, which by the way, a Tesla battery typically costs $10,000.
JT believes in a greener earth…but he has more loyalty to our oil field workers, so he’ll keep his gas-guzzling vehicle.
We’ve passed the halfway point of the Legislative session but you can bet half of their work isn’t complete. Not that they are sluffing off….it’s just that most of the action comes in the final weeks of the session.
It’s annoying…in some cases…and brilliant in others…as lawmakers use the rules of the legislative process to their advantage. As JT has repeated before…it’s better not to see the laws made.
The session started on March 14 and must adjourn June 6.
JT was proud to see that several places in town are displaying or using the image of the Ukrainian flag.
It’s horrific what that country and her remaining residents and refugees are enduring at the hands of Russia.
Putin wants their land as part of Russia. It’s not as easy as he thought. Since they didn’t comply, he’s destroying their towns and communities.
There’s an old saying about “karma”…and JT hopes it comes true for Putin.