ASP Unit continues to be effective in reducing crime


The Natchitoches Police Department’s Additional Street Patrol unit, also known as ASP, remains vigilant in reducing crime and keeping criminals off the streets during their first month back in service.
Below are a few examples of what the ASP Unit has done over the past month to better our community:
* 41 arrests for several criminal offenses
* 14 arrests for drug related offenses
* 2 arrests for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon
* 36 field contacts with individuals out on the streets late at night in high crime areas
* 33 warrants served
* 2 arrests for juveniles in possession of firearms
* 6 recovered firearms
* 2 recovered stolen firearms
* 234 traffic stops resulting in 128 citations
* 1 missing person
The ASP unit is composed of several highly motivated officers who are primarily tasked with locating and arresting the individuals responsible for the recent increase in shootings this year. ASP will also focus on other criminal activity such as felony warrants, burglaries, street level narcotics, violent crimes against citizens and other offenses affecting the quality of life in Natchitoches.
To report suspicious activity contact the Natchitoches Police Department at (318) 352-8101.