Whataburger, Chick-fil-A, Mill Street Brewery and Legacy Jeep permits issued


Commercial ventures boosted the City building permits to an impressive valuation of $9,310,381 during April according to the monthly report issued by Planning and Zoning Director Shontrell Roque.
By no means the largest, but perhaps one with the most interest is for a sign at 5123 University Parkway where there will be a new Whataburger. The restaurant will be next to IHOP near the interstate. The valuation of the sign is $20,000.

This article published in the May 5, 2022, print edition

Although the building is nearly complete, listed among the April permits is one with a valuation of $7,170,893 for Legacy Jeep Dealership at 1882 Hwy. 504, also on the interstate.
The building that once housed La Capitol Federal Credit Union at 926 University Parkway is being renovated for sale with the permit valued at $32,300.
The much-anticipated Chick-fil-A on Keyser Avenue secured a permit valued at $1,700,000. The restaurant also secured a permit valued at $12,000 for a sign.
Mill Street Brewery secured a permit with a valuation of $17,450 for additions and alterations to the business at 108 Mill St.
McDonald’s secured two permits. One at 5336 University Parkway is for $3,900 and one for 304 Keyser is for $39,000. Both are for electrical repair and replacement.
University Parkway Properties, 936 University Parkway, Fontenot’s Cajun Café, secured a permit with a valuation of $11,200 for a commercial parking lot.
Lott Oil Co., secured a commercial permit at 5423 University Parkway for commercial addition and alterations with a valuation of $120,000.
Other permits and their valuations were issued to:
•Thurgood Flanagan, 1517 Northern, residential electrical, $750
•William L. Townsend, 118 South Williams, residential electrical repair, $10,000
•Lisa V. Braxton, 721 Hancock, residential garage cover, $1,000
•Large Edwards, 713 Winona, residential repair and electrical, $1,500
•Ann Colquitt, 329 Keegan, residential addition and alterations, $70,000
•Johnnie Dickson, 307 East Seventh, residential repair and replacement, $500
•Luke Sarpy, 410 Sibley, electrical residential repair and replacement, $800
•Franks Properties, 415 Sibley, electrical residential repair and replacement, $800
•D’Nissa Hester, 222 Adelaide, electrical residential repair and replacement, $2,500
• Calvin Jones Jr., 516 Texas, commercial ACC/structure, no valuation
•Bobby R. McIntosh, 368 South Dr., sign application, $1,500
•Pecan Manor Apartment, 230 Fairgrounds Road, residential repair and replacement, $1,500
•Edwin Harris, 1116 Dean, residential, Windows USA, $16,358
•Dixie Foods of Natchitoches, 1204 Texas, electrical repair and replacement, $2,500
•Jewell Presson, 123 Behan, demolition of single family home, $12,000
•Thelma Tate, 133 Cherokee, electrical residential repair and replacement, $1,430
•Zachary Middendorf, 1800 Williams, residential addition and alterations, $60,000