Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for May 7, 2022


Over the weekend…for some reason…Young Americans for Liberty posted a message calling out Sen. Louie Bernard on the conceal carry bill in last year’s legislative session. They apparently believe he was on the wrong side of the issue when he opposed the override of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ veto that killed it from becoming law.
The bill is back in this session and apparently there’s a move to put pressure on Sen. Barnard to change his vote through a form letter that’s linked to his site.
JT happens to believe with Sen. Bernard… it’s a bad idea to allow people to carry guns without any training….let alone to put that many guns on our streets. We’ve already got that problem.
If you believe no training should be required before allowing someone to carry a loaded gun on our streets, then by that logic…you don’t believe doctors, lawyers, teachers or any other profession should have to undergo training.
Violence with guns is running rampart in our community and state already and it will only get worse if we allow individuals to conceal carry without proper instruction.
The once hallowed halls of the US Supreme Court have been ruptured.
The leak of the Court’s “draft” opinion of the landmark Roe vs. Wade is unprecedented. The draft, as well as the leak, have sent shockwaves across the country and now…more than ever…politicized the nation’s highest court.
While every agency and building in Washington has leaks…both literally and figuratively, the work of the Supreme Court has always been done behind a veil of secrecy.
One can argue it’s got to lay at the feet of the newer judges who just didn’t know better or even court staffers who might have seen the draft and didn’t agree with it.
It’s just another sign of the unhealthy politicized atmosphere of our country.
JT was more than a little saddened to see the latest photos of the former home of the Shreveport Captains.
Since minor league baseball left the Shreveport area around 2011, the stadium has deteriorated to an embarrassing state and is now home to hundreds of bats…the winged kind.
JT has fond memories of watching games in that stadium, which at the time was the best around. It’s just unfortunate they couldn’t find a use for the field and we lose another piece of history in Northwest La.
Maybe a piece of the Shreveport Captain’s history can end up in the LA Sports Hall of Fame.