Work getting underway on Phase 1 Street Rehab project


Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr., announces work will soon begin for the City’s FY 2021-22 Phase 1 Street Rehabilitation project.
This work will consist of the construction of new base course and asphalt surfacing on the following street segments in the City of Natchitoches:
•Amulet Street [Payne Street to Hedges Street]
•Breda Street [Bayou Jacko to Stella Street]
•Mayfield Street [entire length from Simmons Alley to Old Robeline Road]
•Peninsula Drive [section between previously-overlaid sections, east of Lakefront Drive]
•Sadia Street [entire length from South Drive to Clarence Drive]
•Simmons Alley [entire length from Sewanne Street to Mayfield Street]
•St. Clair Avenue [Williams Avenue to East Fifth Street]

Appurtenant work will include drainage improvements that will help to extend the service life of the new pavements to be constructed.
The contractor for this project is Williams Equipment Services, LLC, of Anacoco that submitted the low bid in the amount of $1,177,046.
Following a 30-day period for the fabrication and delivery of the required drainage structures, the on-site construction work is expected to begin on Sadia Street around June 1. The project is expected to take around six months to complete.
While construction is ongoing, local and through traffic will be maintained on each street segment to the maximum extent possible, although there will be short periods when some street segments will be closed temporarily for certain phases of construction, at which time through traffic will detour around the work sites via adjacent City streets.
The public is encouraged to exercise caution when traveling through these work sites and to obey all warning signs and instructions from flaggers.
For more information contact the Office of the Mayor at (318) 352-2772.