Just Talkin’ lagniappe for May 14, 2022


It seems Natchitoches’ connection to authors is expanding more and more.
JT hears that former Natchitoches resident Christie Maynard recently left Austin, Texas, for Oxford, Miss., to work with former District Attorney-turned author Mike Henry. Then there’s former Times Editor Jim Wilson, now of Shreveport, who has penned another book…this one a story similar to the West-Kimball outlaw clan. And several former NSU grads have been published.
Come to think of it, we’ve got a long history of authors with local ties. Robert Harling and Steel Magnolias, Kate Chopin-The Awakening, Francois Mignon who wrote a lot from Melrose Plantation “Plantation Memo” and even Gary and Elizabeth Mills who wrote a series of books on Natchitoches Parish and our people.
Even some of our neighboring parish residents have written “fictional” stories based on our communities.
As JT was pondering this he was left wondering: Either we are a good setting for interesting stories; or just maybe we were the Peyton Place of the South.
A few issues back JT mentioned the issues not being talked about with the electronic vehicles (EVs).
Well, JT heard from an EV owner, former resident, Natchitoches High and NSU alum, Ed Jordan. Ed’s mother-in-law was former Times employee Nell Young…that takes JT back to the late 60s and early 70s.
Anyway, now a resident of Gaithersburg, Md., Ed has had an EV for 13 years and says he’s had a great experience. He especially liked the lack of maintenance required…no tune-ups or oil changes.
JT hears a few sparks flew at the School Board meeting this week.
Discussion popped up about a performance evaluation for Superintendent Grant Eloi. It seemed to catch many by surprise.
Eloi began here in March of 2020. In December of 2021 he was given a two percent raise and an extended contract until 2024.
The motion by Billy Benefield failed but it did get four votes….and created quite the conversation.
If you’ve never had the duty of house sitting pets…consider yourself fortunate.
It’s nice to know you have their trust but there is a downside.
The companionship can be a great thing but the stress level just gets amped up.
Since it’s not actually your pet…you are on pins and needles about everything the animal does.
No one wants to be the one who was in charge when their child or friend’s pet (family member) is injured or sick.
It’s like having a child in the house all over again.