The Venue on Front Street celebrates grand opening, hosted jazz music stage Saturday

Angela and Ron Bolton host the grand opening of The Venue May 17.

Nathan Wilson | Reporter
Ron Bolton celebrated the river front’s new option for hosting events and receptions with a grand opening of The Venue on Front Street May 17.
Describing the venue as a month’s-long project, Bolton indicated the locale can accommodate up to 350 people while maintaining a personal ambience. He anticipates The Venue hosting its inaugural concert Saturday. “We’re going to have the Jazz Fest Stage,” he says. “That will be our first event.”
Bolton described the appeal The Venue offers for events of all types. “It’s on Front Street. It’s a perfect location. A lot of people like to get married on the river, (so) they’re right here,” he says. We’re going to be doing celebrity chefs and stuff like that.”

This article published in the May 21, 2022, print edition

“The bar primarily will be catered by me, The Loft,” Bolton says. He also brags about his food preparation facilities, though he expects many of his patrons will want to enlist outside caterers. “I have the biggest kitchen in Natchitoches, I’ve got like a 2,000 square foot kitchen, so they’ve got the option to prepare it here.”
As the Grand Opening Ceremony approached, Bolton pointed to the advantage of owning both the Loft and The Venue. “I’m pretty excited about it.” he says. “After the reception or whatever event it is you can go upstairs to the Loft and party, so it’s dual.”
Curious guests began trickling in to explore the Venue long before the Grand Opening began, then got into full swing.