Flags will memorialize veterans

Leta Brown presents an American flag to Blanchard St. Denis Funeral Home director Jim Rogers to be displayed whenever a veteran is memorialized. Photo by Nathan Wilson

Nathan Wilson | Reporter
Leta and Ron Brown are donating flags on behalf of local veterans’ groups to two Natchitoches funeral homes to honor deceased veterans.
Leta Brown described her uncle’s passing as the inspiration for their gesture. “We went to his funeral down in Hammond, and as we pulled into the funeral home, they had a new facility and they had a big circle drive, and they had American flags posted all around that circle drive because he was a veteran,” she says. “I had never seen that done before.”
Upon returning to Natchitoches, Brown drove by the Blanchard St. Denis funeral home and noticed herself counting the building’s columns. “There are four columns out front that don’t have a gutter on them, if they would be willing to mount a flag on those pillars that would be something.”

This article published in the May 21, 2022, print edition

To encourage community participation, Brown approached four veteran’s organizations with the idea, and each agreed. “It’s from the VFW, the American Legion and both Auxiliaries,” she says. She then asked the funeral directors. I contacted Mr. Jim (Rogers) and he said ‘certainly’, and I also contacted Ed Ward at Winnfield Funeral Home and he said ‘absolutely, anything for our veterans’.”
Rogers accepted the flags May 19 and plans to display them every time Blanchard St. Denis hosts a veteran. Winnfield Memorial will receive their flags in time to display them for Memorial Day.