Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for May 21, 2022


The official end of the school year is just days away.
That means JT’s time in the drive thru lane for coffee in the mornings will be getting shorter. It’ll also make JT’s donut days go by quicker too. Donut shops certainly won’t have to make as many donuts every morning once school ends.
On the down side for moms across the parish with school age children….it means a messier house when they get home.
JT has been following the news of the stock market turbulent times.
It’s probably best if you have 401Ks or retirement plans…you just avoid looking at the reports.
In a brief span the stock market has dropped around 26 percent. While that affects some more than others….JT doesn’t seem all that concerned the Walton Family (Wal-Mart) wealth dropped between $2 and $3 billion in that short span.
Most financial analysts believe there’s a rockier road ahead.
One of the small businesses JT worries about is lawn care. You see trucks hauling lawn equipment all over the place. As people start to feel the pinch, they’ll go back to cutting their own grass and doing their landscaping.
Did you see where Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus was returning to touring? They stopped several years ago amidst animal cruelty allegations.
This time there will be no animals in the circus.
The “Greatest Show on Earth” is returning with “Extraordinary Humans”.
Not sure what they mean by that but JT, for one, would much rather see the animals.
JT was telling someone about this the other day and they responded that if you think humans can’t do extraordinary things then you’ve never seen the Louisiana Legislature at work. (The way he said it, JT doesn’t think that it was a compliment.)
On a side note, there’s just a little over two weeks left before the session ends on June 6.
JT was reminded once again of the power of governmental agencies.
He was reading about the drawdown to fight the salvinia issues coming next month on Saline Lake. That’s when he was reminded you can make repairs to boat docks, sea walls, boat slips, etc. during the drawdown.
BUT you can’t put even so much as a shovel into the lakebed without first obtaining a permit from the Corp of Engineers.
So before you even think of improving or repairing anything during the drawdown, first contact the Saline Lake Commission.