Just Talkin’ for May 26, 2022


No black tarps this past weekend. Yippee.
Since no one has come forward to take the responsibility for having them in place at the “Zydeco Homecoming” earlier this month…JT will just have to point the finger at City Hall. That’s because if they were not supposed to be in place they had the authority to have them removed…but didn’t.
If someone wants a closed event…JT suggest they take it indoors to someplace like the Events Center.
Thank you JazzFest organizers for not putting up those disgusting barriers.
While we’re at it…
The JazzFest appears to have been a rousing success. It drew quite a crowd from all around….and by all accounts a good time was had by all….even while dodging raindrops.
JT even noticed the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning seemed to have a lot more exhibitors.
All in all, Natchitoches put its best foot forward this past weekend. Thanks to both of those groups for what they do for our community.
As we enter this Memorial Day Weekend, JT asks you to take a moment and remember those men and women who have died in the service of our country.
The word “hero” gets thrown around a lot…too often today.
Yet those who are killed in the line of duty protecting our country and our values…they are indeed real “heroes.”
JT for one has really enjoyed the hard rains this week….probably not more than our local gardeners though.
Driving around the other day and peering into back yards and garden areas, JT noticed there are quite a few. The local green thumbs are at work because most of the gardens JT saw were really lush and getting close to picking time.
It’s really obvious who the serious gardeners are by the number and variety of plants they have out. You can tell it’s much more than a hobby to them.
It looks like the state’s $39 billion is on track for a speedy passage.
JT heard included in the bill is $200 million to connect I-49 from Lafayette to New Orleans.
What’s not so speedy is the holdup in Shreveport. The route from I-220 to Texarkana has been in place for a while. There’s just a detour from where I-49 meets I-20 before you can return to I-49.
Yet, here we are in North Louisiana with a gap at Shreveport because those barmy folks up there won’t approve a route through town. It’s been going on for about 10 years, which means it will probably be another 10 years before it’s selected and built.
It’ not a state issue…it’s Shreveport’s fault.
Maybe it’s time the state and federal highway officials to say to heck with you Shreveport…it’s our money so we’ll put it where we want and get this project done.
At least 19 children and two teachers were killed Tuesday when a man opened fire in a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school. Along with the rest of the country, The Times sends sincere condolences and prayers to the families and friends of the victims.